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  1. Hi everyone, Thank you very much for your replies I have sent a letter back apologizing and promising not to do it again... But again I did not do anything wrong and I feel like paying 80 pounds would be an unfair outcome for myself, as I was not dishonest and I was going to purchase the fare at the platform, I looked for guards on the train could not find any next to where i as sat, I did not lie or try to lie about the station of origin. I understand that I made a mistake, It would only be fair if they made this law applicable on EVERYONE... I see people buying fares on board
  2. hi, On wednesday 23/03/2016 i was travelling as I am used to from ilkley to go work in leeds, I have a metro card that i top up every month, this one expired on 22/03/2016. As I was in a rush I did not want to miss the train I did not buy a ticket from the station i assumed I could do so on the train, on board no guard came offered fares as I was expecting. When I arrived i then decided to go and buy the ticket from the platform. I was then stopped by a guard and telling me i to fill inn the paper... The guard took my travel card receipt covering for the p
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