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  1. hi kindly see the email i received below today and advice me accordingly: Good Afternoon, We act for the claimant. Please find attached our client's Particulars of Claim as filed with the court. Regards, I have attached the claimant's claim. Thanks Sri additional POC.pdf
  2. Hi guys I have now received small claims directions questionnaire. Below are various issues I want to address and let me know if I would be right by answering this way. 1. I am not agreeing for small claims mediation service. Is that ok. 2. Should I agree for small claims track allocation, if not then why? 3. Should I agree for small claims track as appropriate track or should I say no and give reasons? My reasons for this would be that it’s not my only case but it involves other 40 to 50 residents in the apartment who can’t bring their car to drop their family or pick them up
  3. Hi Dx100, As expected I received the below email saying that CPR 31.14 does not apply to small claims. I also forgot to mention that they did not respond to CPR 31.14 in my defense statement. Kindly advice. Thanks Sri Phoebe McClean Attachments11:03 AM (2 hours ago) to me Mr [name removed] Please note CPR 31.14 does not apply to claims on the small claims track. All evidence our Client wishes to rely on will be in their witness statement. Kind Regards Phoebe Litigation Assistant Gladstones Solicitors Limited
  4. Cheers DX100 Thanks for the reply. Lets wait and see what ahppens next. I am up for it and will fight till end because I genuinely beleive that its unfair that i have been given the charge. Kindly let me know if there is any deadline for me to reply to this email and the forms they have sent. I would also like to object for a hearing based on paperwork. I would like to be personally present for the hearing. kindly advise. Thanks Sri
  5. The defence I filed was based on the letter suggested by yourself. I had to file the defense otherwise the judgment would be given in my absence. whats your next suggestion as i couldn't get it from your reply. Thanks Sri
  6. Hi DX100 and Erics brother, I am forwarding the email I received from the solicitors after I filed the defense going online yesterday. They never replied back to me regarding the request I made asking for their authority to claim the charges in their name and the permission for the signage. In between I also reeived a letter from Zenith (a third company) asking for a settlement and saying that they were responsible for the claim. As i was getting closer to the defence date I had to file the defence. Below is the defence I filed yesterday: In the County Court
  7. Hi I have acknowledged the claim form and the letter to Gladstone solicitors has been sent off but no reply from them yet. Noe i have recently received another letter from Zenith debt collectors asking to pay a reduced amount. I am sending a copy of it; kindly advice. Thanks Sri
  8. Hi Ericsbrother, I have acknowledged the claim yesterday going online. Today I have sent the letter in recorded mail to Gladstones solicitors. How long do i have to produce the defense from now. I believe i should also wait for the reply from Gladstones. kindly advice. Thanks Sri
  9. Hi dx100uk, As suggested I have acknowledged the claim online. below is the request you have suggested. Kindly let me know if it look ok. Tonight I will send you a copy of the acknowledged copy as an attachment. I will be sending this in post. Thanks CPR31:14
  10. Name of the Claimant: parking and property management ltd, ocean house, 12th floor. The ring, Bracknell, rg12 1ax. Date of issue : 7th of September Timeline for acknowledgement: midnight 25th of September What is the claim for – Due date 01/06/2016: £150. 1.Claimant claims 151.97 including £1.97 interest pursuant to s.69 of County Court Act 1984 rate 8.00% pa from dates above 05/09/16 same rate to judgment or payment. Daily rate to judgment £0.03. Total debt and interest £151.97. court fee- 25.00, legal representatives costs-50.00. Total amount- 226.
  11. Hi ericsbrother, I have now been sent a claim form. Kindly advice me how to proceed. If the case goes to court will I be charged more then what the claimant is claiming for in the form. I have decided to fight the case. Kindly guide me accordingly and let me know we're to start from. Thanks srinivas
  12. Dear Ericsbrother; Hope you are ok. I have now received my first letter from the parking and Property Management Ltd . I am attaching the letter. Kindly advice me accordingly.
  13. Hi Erics brother and silverfox, thanks for your advice. I will wait for the letter to come. The property lease does not give the permission to park as there is no parking space allocated to this property. This road is the only road leading to the entrance of the property. Thanks Sri
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