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  1. Also could I ask, should I now pay the debt collector or can I just pay the dentist the owed amount? Any help appreciated! Many thanks!
  2. It was an nhs dentist! Apologies for posting in the incorrect place! Your site is brilliant btw, nice to see people can get the help they need!
  3. I now understand that, I'm just frustrated this wasn't stated at the time and I was charged 36 and paid! Also I didn't receive a scale and polish and was in the chair for about 6-7mins. So even though they made the mistake I have to pay the debt collector the money plus fees? Thanks for your reply!
  4. Hi I will first of all say I'm sorry if this post is in the incorrect place, I wasn't sure we're to put it! My issue is that I visited the dentist a couple of months ago to have a filling. They charged me 36.50 at the time and I was told that was the full cost of the treatment. My dentist said nothing as usual and just did the work. I have since been contacted asking for a further 18.80 as I was charged incorrectly. I have said that I don't believe I should pay this as I was told the cost at the time was 36.50 and have paid that in full. They are now chasing me for this money an
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