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  1. I have recently started a debt management plan with Step Change who are in the process of speaking to all of my creditors. I have a £300 Barclaycard debt which is being handled by Robinson Way. I received this on Friday and wondered if anyone could shed any light on what they actually mean. NOTIFICATION OF A CHANGE TO YOUR FINANCIAL CIRCUMSTANCES Recent activity on your credit file suggests that you may have made a significant payment to one of your financial accounts. In view of this we would encourage you to contact us to agree an affordable repayment plan. Any help would be
  2. I didn't dx, sorry. I won't be speaking to them again. Everything will be dealt with in writing from now on. If they turn up to my house, I will film them and tell them I will be contacting the police and also taking it further. I will let you know if I receive anything back from the letter I sent again, plus if they accept my offer od payment
  3. Hi everybody, thank you all for your help on this. Since I put up this post I have continued to receive calls every day and finally answered one to confirm I want everything in writing and and home visits to stop as I had put in writing to them. Again a quite rude person told me they can come on to my property any time they like as I signed a contract with so they can do what they want. I have paid a lot of money off all of the items and want to keep them. I am not unwilling to pay for them but just want to reduce the payment to something I can afford.
  4. Hi everybodyl, new on here and have a big problem with Brighthouse. I currently have 5 things with them up until recently could afford the weekly payment. 8 months ago found out wasnt really well and currently cannot work Going back to Brighthouse situation, I have explained this in a letter to head office and the store and asked if I could pay what I can. My original payment was 58 per week (so stupid of me to get to that) and I offer 25. I also asked them to send me a detailed breakdown of what I have left to pay on each product. I also said I wanted c
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