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  1. Ok, not overly helpful. Thanks I’m certainly not going to upload anything which could identify me and don’t know why you’d need that. I’ll leave it.
  2. im attaching the front page of the credit agreement together with a letter from the court. The defence filed was the inability of the claimant to provide a copy of the credit agreement Thank you Credit agreement.pdf Court paper.pdf
  3. Thank you for your quick reply. I attach the letter received. Looking back through my papers I see I applied for the document to the DCA's Solicitor in June of 2020. At the same time the Solicitor applied for a CCJ but proceedings were stayed and have been ever since. Thanks for your help. dca.pdf
  4. Not sure whether this is the correct forum but some 11 months after I requested a copy of my credit agreement under the CCA 1974, and paid the requisite fee, the DCA has provided this and are threatening to obtain a CCJ. I’ve read that they have committed an offence by failing to provide the documents within. 12 + 2 days but wonder whether anyone can give me some advice. I stopped paying when they couldn’t provide the copy as requested. Thank you
  5. Advice please. I've received a number of charge notices where my vehicle was allegedly parked without authorisation. I appealed the charges. The appeals were denied. I then used the arbritration service and succeeded in having several charges cancelled prior to arbritritor involvement . But the operator insists the remainder are due ( puzzling as the facts are the same) a lthough I have produced a copy of a receipt showing I was using the retail premises on the days in question The operator says I left the car park and 'had told me not to' which is untrue. should I refer the matter for arbritration and if so what is the remit of the arbritratior. Thank you
  6. ok,so I cant use this to suggest they write off the debt.Pity. thanks for your help, much appreciated.
  7. Thank you, so if I make a F&F payment, nothing further will appear? the two debts are with the same original lender and the same DCA. And no,I didn't ask for a CCA, ive just been making voluntary payments.
  8. Is a DCA legally obliged to provide annual statements of the debt or is this discretionary? If legally obliged, what is the position if it fails to provide an annual statement (for the last four years). Thank you
  9. I have two credit card debts, one of which is the subject of a CCJ some 9 years ago. I have been making payments in accordance with the CCJ and voluntary payments in respect of the other. Both defaults are over 6 years old and no longer appear on my credit reports. The DCA have offered to do a deal and accept less than is outstanding in full and final BUT if I agree does this deal appear on my credit report (as of the date of the full and final payment for a lesser figure) or, as the date of default is over 6 years ago, will my credit history be unaffected if I choose to pay a lump sum in full and final? Thank you.
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