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  1. well just an update of where stand now with it customer relations were not a great help they claimed would get no more visits etc from local store as it was gonna be escallated to the area manager ( who never got in touch as claimed would in the 48 hour window ) we did get a visit from one of the store staff so we decided take the bull by the horn and invite him in to discuss everything and see best way forward ( and for ones seemed as if he was not on his high horse so helped a little ) we signed kids tv's back over to him as they had already been replaced the sofa he offered us go get a more cheaper affordable one if wanted so arranged that to go back without any payments being required so just waiting collection as we speak the washer well offered a rewrite claimed would not lose any payments etc on it so as we culd not afford lose that we had no choice but to take that offer but will only be on a short term basis as once finished with sofa we saving for new washer as sat n thought the rewrite payments was staying same but yet a few extra weeks had been put on the agreement and he claimed we had 60 weeks left so figured that time left and the payments could replace the washer for around half that price
  2. well we have spoken to customer relations they say the ref no didnt hold much so took all the nesseccary info and will be having word with the store and call us back
  3. thanks jason will give them call this am as last night we missed the store manager when she visited but by time wife went see if was still parked up out back she had left
  4. thank you for your reply yas we still have the original agreements as we did not not redo the contracts as they wanted to as felt would been like getting into debt all over again n restarting from square one think the guy on the phone other week with the late fees etc comming in fast he claimed was over 200 quid so for the past week or so since spoke to em its been bit of nightmare juggling everything thats going on and keeping head afloat
  5. hi i was wondering if anyone could please help with some advice we had to move home about 5 weeks ago due to the wifes sister having cancer and we being out of work but actively seeking work the new house is a bit more costs to run and with cuts in our own money we sort of fell into a black hole with our payments to brighthouse when we got a letter a couple of weeks ago we had make choice that way things have been recently we had no option but to call the store n ask if could return the items we had but could i hell get the guy behind the counter to understand we were really at the end of the barrel sorta thing but kept offering to get us go in and redo the contracts with cheaper items but when asked if could return em he said it does not work like that we had 4 contracts with the for the sofa - kids tv and washer somehow the idea was if im falling so far behind to send em back get outta debt with em n replace what we had we borrowed money to replace kids tv and saving for sofa those easiest to go as only had those for 6 months would have been hardest for the washer though as got that in june 2014 so thats over half paid for after 2 weeks of not wanting rewrites of contracts they not been back in touch since but yet the bill gonna be building up i know its not the most ideal situation but due to the wifes sisters cancer and running back n forth to hospital appointments for chemo n specialists just alot has taken its toll lately and really dont know weher been comming or going at times
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