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  1. Apologies for the confusion I got my dates mixed up. My wife has been dealing with this, no excuse I know Notice was given on Monday 1st Feb with our daughters last day being the 30 March as that was a Weds and she only attended Tues and Weds as mentioned. She would not have been due to attend on Thus 1st April. So we gave two months from the first of the month as far as we were concerned. So the nursery would of had almost 3 months notice if they keep the advance fee.
  2. Thank you for your reply. There is a sum of £320.00 in dispute. So from what you have said we just have to take it on the chin and accept it? It just seems poor that they had plenty of opportunity to discuss the matter, but never did. Should they not have pre-warned us they would not be returning the advance fee or mentioned the cancellation form they are now stating we did not complete? They also never disputed the leaving date we gave in the email or letter until after we had removed our daughter. If they had supplied us with the terms and conditions as requested then there wou
  3. Hello all, I stumbled across this useful site and now here I am asking for some advice if possible. Our daughter was at a nursery for just over two years, it was okay but we never really loved it. A new nursery opened which we really liked the look of and after a tour decided we would move our daughter. My wife emailed the current nursery manager on the 29th Feb asking for a copy of the terns and conditions, specifically with regards to giving notice. The manager emailed back a very short paragraph stating: The notice period is 2 full months from the 1st of the month.’ Sh
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