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  1. I did not come here to read that sort of comments. If you think that I play games-just leave.
  2. Yeah, I write posts here just for fun. I'm looking for some help. If I would be able to pay for it, I would go to a solicitor.
  3. Are u kidding? Hotel. They didn'classify me as homeless as far as I can pay for hotel.
  4. I called to Queen's Bench Division Action Department. They do not have this County Court case in register.
  5. I did not get any notices. This writ is about house possession. Other person is my partner who was evicted with me and is sitting next to me.Not money debt. Can we concentrate on content of this writ please??
  6. Are you trying to tell me that following right procedures(what did not take place). gives anyone power to serve somebody fraudulent document in the end?? Within one hour I was left on the street. Homeless. No one was able to give me any advice. Housing Department? CAB ? Do not make me laugh. These stories about 'duty of care'? ONE BIG JOKE. Answer was: Rightmove. I can tell a lot what I have been through during 10 days and telling my son that we are on 'holidays'. Question is why? Why do people think that landlord is like God? When I asked for help, I have been nearly told: what do you expect? It is obvious that it is your fault! Why? I will not understand what is writtem because I am stupid foreigner? Now I am just wondering,how many people, families were in the same situation. But when I think too long, it scares me.
  7. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/04539156/filing-history And what do you think about this??
  8. I'm still trying to add images in here. So you can see and share entire document. There's grammar mistake in "Lodgment" and SLC number should be 13- digit !!
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