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  1. Good Morning All. Just having a refresher read through my thread as I am due on Court tomorrow morning at 10.30..... Is there any last minuite advise from anyone as to what I can expect or need to say. Was thinking of not even going tbh but thought may as well at least go down with a fight either way!
  2. Could someone please point me in the direction of how this needs to be set out
  3. That is a possibility I suppose. If I did loose would I have to pay all the debt including the interest? would be a bit to tight to find all that within 28days. Thought I may be able to settle a figure with them & pay over a 4/6 months. At this moment I have to get my paperwork ready to submit to court for next Tuesday I havnt the foggiest what ime doing or what they need
  4. Thanks guys. I did send a letter to Lowell & BW with an offer, I have only heard back from Lowells saying that they are powerless to do anything & it is in the hands of BW (who ive heard nothing from) They have now paid the hearing fee & it is due to be heard 25th Nov they have submitted their case & I have to submit mine by 15th Nov. Whilst I may have blown my chances of winning this one with offering a payment I am still keen to end this before it gets to court, is it worth ringing BW & trying to settle it & what would you think a reasonable offer would be on a £343 debt (not inclusive of their interest). This debt is due to drop off my credit file in January 17 and I cannot risk a ccj being there for another 6years.
  5. shamrocker, thank you for your advise, I would like to try and end this once and for all if possible before going to court if possible, I have decided for the moment that I will write to them with an offer of the default balance of £165.44 (which is prob the amount I owe) I have drafted this letter & would be grateful if you could look over it for me. WITHOUT PREJUDICE Dear Sir/Madam Account Ref: …........................... I write with reference to above account for a Marshall Ward/Shop Direct Acct that you have started an MCOL claim for. Whilst I don't admit any monies owed to you I would like to offer a full and final payment offer to yourselves of £165.44 which you state was the defaulted balance of monies owed to Shop Direct as of 10th January 2011. The payments should you agree to this will be made in 2 instalments of £82.72 Payment One being on 31st October 2016 of £82.72 Payment Two being on 30th November 2016 of £82.72 May I also add that the conditions of these payments rely on yourself marking my credit file as paid in full & removing the default within 14days of the last payment on 30th November 2016 and that you will discontinue with immediate affect the mcol claim on agreement to this offer.
  6. Everything that I have been sent from Lowells has been uploaded on here.
  7. Dont think there is £300 in charges the total debt with interest is £457.88 initial debt was £343.60. Just as a matter of interest at the moment what do you think would be an appropriate offer of FF that may get accepted
  8. Ok thanks, but before I do the reading up on it, is it at all possible to to offer a payment plan on this debt without actually admitting to it so to speak. I just want rid off it & with it not being a massive amount of money & dropping off my credit file in January I think I would rather get this off my back to be honest. What sort of offer could or should I make to them that would be likely to be accepted.
  9. This is what I received at the end of last week from the Court 10 10.pdf
  10. Thank you I need the paperwork I received last week on #72 taking a look at please, and a a bit of advise as said I know have a court date for the 29th November
  11. Is anyone available for an update on this please, as said above I have now received a Court date for the 29th of November!
  12. Can someone please have a look at the paperwork I uploaded on post #72, I have had a court date this morning for the 29th November 2016. Many thanks
  13. Maybe not be illegal but certainly immoral.
  14. No I don't recall filling anything in at all. What puzzles me is why if they have had this debt for all this time do they start a claim now is it to build interest on it & then catch you out last minute? Also when they sent me a pre-court letter I replied with a CCA & CPR but yet they still went ahead with the claim I thought requesting those would put any sort of court claim on hold ( I could very well be wrong on that count though)
  15. Attached copies of everything I received last week from Lowell/BW (apart from the Court Document which came abt 3 weeks ago complete WS.pdf
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