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  1. Retinoll refunded my money today, after I returned the goods. I was very sceptical, but just did it. A very happy pensioner. Thank you for all your advice. Regards Anita
  2. Hi Unfortunately I can do nothing now, til I'm out of hospital. I will write to Sharkleys! In a couple of weeks or so. Maybe their training hasn't reached the wilds of Witney, lol. Grateful for your advice, I promise to follow up on this. Warmest regards Anita
  3. Ha Ha Sharklays is brilliant!!! I will when this hospital stuff is over and I can cope with paperwork again... Regards Anita
  4. Hi dx No I spoke to the Assistant Manager personally, the Manager is on leave. They have stopped any future payments. I have gone as far as I can at the moment - I have hospital admission coming up soon and will be unable to take any further action. I will post this damned stuff back, apparently to "Retinolla" based in Milton Keynes. "Yana" has promised me I'll get my money back, well we shall see. Regards Anita
  5. Barclays woman (I've spoken to several this week, in person) told me, they could only "chargeback" on future withdrawals. As if I'm going to give them the chance. Because I became seriously overdrawn with this fraud, another guy from Barclays told me ~ I should "keep a healthy balance" so that future payments wouldn't take me over the limit!! They are such a load of shysters ~ I been a Barclays customer for 60 years.
  6. Yes I quoted everything to Barclays Assistant Manager. They just said, because I had in reality, traded with this company. By giving them my card no and paying postage on the goods, they could not refund me. I am now in a fight with Stemacell, who insist on me sending the goods back intact and they promise to refund. The problem being I've lost some of the packaging so I think I've lost my money.
  7. Barclays are useless. they cannot or will not refund me. Stemacell refuse to refund me. So here we are,another mug conned out of £97.95 and not a damn thing I can.
  8. Thank you guys....another elderly pensioner conned again!!!! I'll get to the bank tomorrow....
  9. Just phoned Barclays and the asian guy told me he couldn't do anything about it!!!!
  10. I have had £97 taken out of my bank by Stemcell.com. How can I get my money back!!!!
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