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  1. Oil leak seems to be coming from egr area and possibly dripping onto manifold which is causing the smoke .. the ombudsman are currently dealing with it atm just hoping they can help ... if not do you reckon I could bill the finance company if I was to have the car repaired at vw and not the dealership I bought from
  2. Why keep to one thread, I'm asking something totally different to my last post
  3. I'm currently in the process of rejecting my car on finance due to problems, ombudsman already involved. I'm just wondering if all involved can't solve my rejection? Will the finance company help with costs for repair from the car manufacturer. The car was purchased via a dealership and I don't want them anywhere near my car again after a already repairing faults but they are a waste of time. So I'm wondering if they will help out if I go through the manufacturer
  4. I'll let you no how I get on once I've received reply from finance .. cheers
  5. I've received a reply from the place I bought the car, they are refusing my rejection. I now hope to here from the finance company which depending on their response, I'll have no other option than to ask the ombudsman to step in.
  6. Gonna keep the finance company name quiet for the time been until I recieve a response. Finance is conditional sale ... I'm unsure what the diff is between conditional and hp . Hope I receive a letter off them soon. I think I could have a decent claim with this ... well hopefully ☺
  7. Only made new one as there wasn't many replies in my other thread . Cheers
  8. Just after some advice people. I purchased a car in August 2015 on finance. Within a week it developed a major issue with engine shaking. 3 weeks later new clutch and flywheel replaced. 5 months on and now a breakdown. Contacted dealer and the fault was fixed within 2 weeks ( new egr valve ) .. now 8 months on and it's leaking oil which is causing smoke from under bonnet and also smell of fumes through the vents. I've been offered by the dealer to a diagnostic and possible repair but I'm now wanting to reject the car and their offer of repair. I've totally lost faith in the car. The car is a vw golf 59 plate. Mileage when bought was about 47800 and it's now on about 51000. I've already sent 2 letters recorded to both the finance and the dealer. I'm just wondering what reply to expect from the finance company. Thanks
  9. Vw golf 59 plate 47500 on clock when bought 51000 now. Car is no longer in use its ready for collection. I'm just wondering how long I should give the company before I send a final letter? What response would I expect to receive of the finance company.
  10. I purchased a car on finance in August 2015. Within a week it had a major issue. Fault repaired within 3 weeks. Then 5 months later another major issue. Fault repaired within 2 weeks. Now 8 months on and it's leaking oil which is causing smoke under bonnet. I'm now wanting to reject offer of repair from the dealer and reject the whole car through the finance. I've already sent them recorded letter stating this. What kind of reply can i expect ?? Thanks 1st fault clutch and flywheel ... 2nd fault new egr
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