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  1. Thanks for your response ericsbrother, I shall do that. Out of interest, if it goes to court is it possible that i could be asked directly if i was the driver? As that would surely put a large hole in my main defence.. seeing as the driver has never been identified
  2. Update: after sending the advised letter, i have now received a further letter entitled: Letter of claim, it reads as follows: Further to our letter dated.... where we requested that you either pay the balance in full or provide your detailed grounds for disputing the PCN, by ....., we are yet to receive payment and/or a response to our letter. Please pay the Balance by ...... to prevent legal action from being taken . For the avoidance of doubt the balance relates to the £xx parking charge and the £xx for our clients initial legal fees, which were detailed in the car pa
  3. I havent received any more paperwork thus far, they keep trying to get me on the phone and text messages but i have blocked the number now
  4. Thank you very much for the guidance, posted first class today: To whom it may concern, There was no such breach of contract at the time and any claim will be vigorously defended as being vexatious and a full costs order sought. Sincerely, Thanks again guys
  5. Okay thank you i will do that today. Do i need to make any reference to the fact that the driver has not been identified? or is that irrelevant now that they are pursuing me as the registered keeper? Also i have been reviewing the original NTK again. It does not state a period of parking, only a date and a contravention time. Is this enough to count as a breach of the PoFA and thus render the NTK useless? Edit ^^ The NTK specifies a time, but then goes on to say "The period of parking to which this notice relates is the period immediately preceding the contra
  6. Thanks for the reply, I have never responded to something like this in a formal fashion so how do i go about it? Do i email or post? And how exactly do i word it?
  7. Hi guys, today i have received another letter from BW Legal entitled Final Notice. It states that further to the previous letter where payment was advised it has still not been received. It then states: "Excel now requires full payment of the balance within 10 days from the date of this letter (19/05/2016), failing which Excel has instructed us to commence County Court proceedings against you for recovery of the balance. For the avoidance of doubt the balance relates to the £100.00 parking charge and the £54 for Excel's initial legal fees, which were detailed in
  8. Thanks for your reply, No i will not of course ignore real court papers, if it comes to that then i will have to work out what to do next. I have blocked their number on my phone as advised, Many thanks!
  9. Just had a good re-read of those posts, thanks very much! So my understanding is that if its this old i can just ignore it now? Thanks again!
  10. Hi! Firstly i am new here and just looking for a bit of advice, my issue is as follows: Last April (2015) I parked in an Excel car park in Nottingham and bought a ticket and returned within the stated time - not a problem. However, i was sent a PCN by Excel for being parked slightly outside the white line of the bay.. At the time in question there were building works going on in the car park and a lot of builders dust everywhere obscuring things, as well as the ground being very uneven in the bay and tricky to park in. I took the old advice of ignoring this
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