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  1. Yes, I belive the same! I wonder how many of us already paid for PCNs issued by "system errors". They should be sent to work. This business is a big [problem] and they get away with it because we don't have enough time or energy to fight. Like myself, happy with the situation solved, there are many of us... We should stick together and give them a legislation lessons... Let's think how to take them out of this so called business!!! Almost everywhere around the world parking is free of charge. It's enough that I am a customer of a shop, leisure centre
  2. Hi! Today I received the letter from Gemini stating that their system issued the PCN by error. No other explanation... For me is enough, but for the people that will receive PCN from now on what will be the assurance that they are right? I sent emails to the leisure centre... Because after the first one I didn't get an answer, in the second I said that I'll involve the local MP and mass media. Surprise... They answered straight away... With apologies and very helpful, adding my car number to their system so I won't get a fine. What can I say... Rip off... Thank you all for
  3. Of course I did! I won't wait for their letter... They might forget... System error.. I'll send letters with attachments. Anyway, many thanks for help! Great community here!
  4. Yes! This is the place! I'll send them letters... Leisure centre and the parking operator also. Great stuff Thank you!
  5. It was a letter through post. Pictures of my car coming in and out of the car park. Time difference of 33 minutes and something. It is really frustrating... Is not enough that we're fighting Cerebral Palsy, but we need to loose time with these profiteers. Any help is welcome. Hope we can cancel this "unlawful invoice" Many thanks!
  6. That is the issue! Not long ago was a normal, public car park with the same configuration. The signs are ambiguous and we thought that the same rules apply.. . Meaning blue badge holders don't need to pay. So we didn't pay but they said we overstayed 3 minutes the free period of 30 minutes. Now I really don't know if We should challenge the notice or pay the unlawful invoice. Thanks Ps. I thought I removed personal ddetails... Obviously not
  7. Please advise! My 7 year old daughter is severely impaired and she has a blue badge. We use a wheelchair adapted car. We usually park in disabled bays. On 20th of Apr 2016 we received Parking Charge Notice from Gemini, parking operator ar Rivermead Centre Reading. The PCN states that the car exceeded the 30 minutes free of charge parking with 3 minutes. They've asked a payment of 100£, 60 payable in 14 days. My opinion : 1. I thought disabled parking (public or private) are free of charge. 2. The PCN was issued on 20th of Apr for a civil offence committed on 20 t
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