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  1. I apologise but I mean I gave up with everything THEN I got all the defaults. At the time I took out the opus card I was certainly riddled with PDL's but no defaults. I will get a printer as soon as possible.
  2. Hi dx100uk, yes this is the correct and recent one, the card i got is at opuscard.co.uk issued by newday Yeah, I started borrowing from PDLS while already having debt then it quickly went out of control borrowing more to pay off the last one etc when eventually I gave up trying to save myself from defaults and eventually got about 10-13 defaults. What other history do you need. I unfort got the card, then slowly borrowed it all while paying min payments and eventually gave up. I can start a new thread with all of my accounts but I am really looking for help on how to deal with Nolans. Should I just contact them and try make an arrangement? Will they even take it to court? Is it better to avoid that? or let it go and let the court decide if £25 p/m is ok or whatever and would I need to actually be in court. I will need to get a printer for a start.
  3. Actually just checked and it was opened in Dec 2017 and the last payment seems to be in Feb 2019. I could start sending irresponsible lending complaints but I am not totally confident about the do's and dont's about it all but I shall read up about this.
  4. Hello. I got in a pickle (and I am still in a pickle) with debt. Right now I am pretty much ignoring anything that comes through the door because it's all DCA stuff. I made the mistake of taking out an "easy" payday loan long ago and it turned into a bit of a spiral but hey, things could be worse. I guess I made the decision to pay or start acknowledging the various debt accounts individually, if and when they decide to take it to court and I think it's happening to this account I can't be dealing with going to court to face these people. The account that Nolans are wanting my blood for right now is as follows. Newday Opus M/Card £1500 Defaulted sept 19 This is a fairly recent account (opened <12-18 months) and maybe the most recent payment was within the last 12 months) This letter was sent to me today! (Attatched) I noticed that my credit file (noddle/creditkarma) has this account filed as 2 seperate accounts. is that normal? One with the original lender and one with cabot (both balances and default dates are ok and the same and it was last updated end of january?) I am aware about sending CCA's and SAR's etc but not that sure why or when or if it will help. I am pretty sure I signed it online application (the cca) and I probably did get a default notice and notice of assignments) Help.
  5. Hello everyone. Looking for some advice. Firstly, some key notes. I live in and bought this vehicle in Scotland The vehicle is on Hire Purchase The vehicle was used, not new (year 2014) I bought this 64 plate VX Corsa in March 2016 with 7k miles. Since March ( 2 months ) it's been back at the garage (AC) for a new clutch, a new pedal assembly, a new reversing gear. It's going back in this week for: a new drivers seat and to have a creaking brake pedal remedied. Even after all these issues, I am sick of the car and have lost faith in it and just wondering what is next. Today, it has started knocking when I go over normal bumps so that'll be a new problem to be fixed. While I have no doubt that AC will fix it, I pretty much dislike the car now and would like advice on rejecting it. The main reason I am looking at rejection is that I had another car for 2 years and caused me nothing but stress (and hairloss lol) with its problems and noises and repairs so would like to avoid another experience like that as it seems to be going down that familiar route. I understand the view of "If they fix it, what's your problem?" but this was my new car and it should be happy but it's just a pain in the neck and driving it, i'm always wondering what will be wrong next. At this stage, I have not contacted the finance company and have just made my first payment within the past week, nor have I made any noise to AC about me being annoyed with this car. Looking for advice on where to start and what to expect and if they keep fixing problems and I stuck with this annoying car. Thanks guys!
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