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  1. Oh right sorry thank you. Right now I know how to deal with future reporting I am going to do diary I already have been taking photos of blocking my car in I have plenty of them. Now I have to deal with the think I am terrified about and I don't know if I have to start a new posty thing or just carry on with this one. I got reported to dwp and had interview under caution for dla n I feel so sick n panic with just the thought of it
  2. Could anyone tell me what TB means on some of the replies please
  3. Hi everyone. Thank you so much to all of you. I had another inspection yesterday and it was a lovely lady who came. She had a good two hours with me. I introduced the ponies, showed her around the stables, the feed room, the turn out area and one of my lovely neighbours brought out the coffee and we all had a good chat. Passed once again, the inspector was really nice she had horses herself for years. She left me her number for if I ever needed any advice or help. She said she had no concerns what so ever and would put that in my file for if or when she ever received any future complaints. I c
  4. The bath tub had only just been taken out of the car an hr before and I hadn't decided where it was going, I didn't even know I was gettin a bath my friends hubby got for it me from work. I know I have the problem with proof. It's about time that confidential calls and not annonimous calls were only accepted. Therefore in cases like mine where the calls are proven to be untrue something could be done. These little ponies saved my life I suffered for years of being unable to go outside my front door and this lady knows this. I never left my house for 3 years and 7 month and these ponies make me
  5. Basically I have an 8acre field behind her house with my stables. The stables are out of sight. A friend brought me a bath down one day for The ponies to drink from when they are turned out. It has only been on the yard an hr when she came over and demanded it moved I did try to explain that it was going to be concealed and would be out of sight but she just went off on one. I only have one rule and that is I will not allow shouting near the ponies and there was no reasoning with her so I told her to get the f**k off my land. Well that didn't go down very well she kicked off again telling me t
  6. Thanks everyone. I have two inspections on Wednesday I will ask them for a written report on allegation and what their outcome is. I have put an official complaint in to police today of their treatment to me when I called them out to her blocking my car in. It may be the wrong foot to start on but at least I may get it all on record. My only concern is that she is a teacher and I don't want to harm her career, that would make me as low as her
  7. The council for non planning permision, for wrong use of land, for keeping animals I had 2 pigs 2 geese and 4 miniature Shetland ponies. To the council enviromental health for smells flies and a rat infestation. I was visited on the hottest day of the year and the council officer stated in tv's call the council that there was no smells no flies and no rats complaint unfounded. The rspca for horse abandonment, cruelty and not being fed same report to world horse welfare the same they both reported healthy well cared for animals in excellent conditions report unfounded. My landlord that I had mu
  8. I'm new here so hello everyone. I had an argument with a neighbour and within a month I was reported to the council twice, rspca, world horse welfare, my landlord ( I have the letter), council animal welfare and dwp. I passed with all I am still waiting on the dwp through backlogs. How can I stop this if it was anonymous reports except landlord that is signed. Please if anyone can help i am at my wits end
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