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  1. today, i received a letter from DRP with a title NOTICE OF INTENDED COURT ACTION. It says the follwoing: "in light of the court ruling Beavis-v-ParkingEye Ltd we urge you to make contact with us without delay. if you are liable for this charge and do not pay by 17/8 we will pass your file to the creditor with a recommendation to commence court action against you." has anyone heard of this court ruling and is it the right course of action to respond to them?
  2. The hospital reply (by email) was that there must have been spaces in the car park to let you in which is a point of evidence on their side and mine. On my return to the car I found a ticket attached to the wind screen - EXCESS CHARGE NOTICE. The only other contact was a recent letter from the debt recovery company. I did not appeal at the time as I wanted to see if the LPS gets in touch. They did not and then I was out of the country for a month. The incident happened 3 months ago. It seems my only option is to ignore the DR+ letters unless they opt for the court in which case the control barrier issue might play in my favour.
  3. While i was out of the country, the LPS passed my details to a debt recovery company (DRP) who sent me a letter DATED 19JUL claiming double the PCN charge i.e. £160. I emailed the hospital complaining that the gate opened while there were no spaces in the car park but they directed me to contact LPS.
  4. Yes I thought the same as there were several cars waiting for other cars to vacate their parking spaces.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I will write to the hospital (great western hospital, swindon) and update the thread when they respond.
  6. yes it is. It's a hospital car park so you get in with a ticket and can't get out until you have paid. I stayed 40min and paid £1.
  7. Thnks. This is not an NTD ticket but EXCESS CHARGE NOTICE on the windscreen. 1 The date of infringement? 28/4/2016 2 Did you appeal to the parking company? NO 5 Who is the parking company? LOCAL SECURITY PARKING LTD the rest of the questions are not relevant as the 28 day payment period is still applicable.
  8. Hi and thank you in advance for your help, I need advice on the following parking issue: I arrived at a hospital car park and after waiting along time in the queue I got in but found no space. As my appointment was now past I could not wait any longer and decided to park the car in a non-designated space but made sure there was no obstruction to car park traffic. After my appointment (40min) I paid for my parking ticket (£1) when i returned to the car i found an EXCESS CHARGE NOTICE attached to the wind screen. The reason for the ticket is obstructive parking. Clearly this was not the case as there was ample space for cars to pass from all sides. I find the charge of £85 draconian and predatory. I am thinking of ignoring it until it reaches the court stage where I can defend my case as I feel that my circumstances (as a patient in a hospital) have not been taken into account by the ticket issuer (LOCAL PARKING SECURITY LTD). If the fee was going to the hospital funds it would be more than worth it but am finding it difficult to accept to pay this large amount to a private parking predator. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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