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  1. Hi, I have sent a few requests to Halfiax using the number on the letter they sent me to notify me they are transferring my debt from capquest to wescot It says This is the same response as last time. I am assuming they don't have the details considering I am using the same refrence number they are chasing me under plus they have my address as they have sent me a statement. I also sent an SAR to them which looks like its been forwarded to the customer services.
  2. Just had a letter from capquest saying "thank you for your recent communication we have been advised by our client that they have issues the documentation requested under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 directly to you. Please contact us to confirm that you have received the documentation" I have not had anything other than the letter from Halifax as above. I am sure I am just looking for confirmation that I just need to ignore this.
  3. I have just had a letter from iedm servicing saying that a "solution needs to be agreed in order to pay the outstanding balance" Should I just ignore it?
  4. Thanks - there is a note on my credit file for Nov 2013 Settled DA (I am pretty sure its for this) - can they apply for a default on it?
  5. Just had a letter from Robinson Way for IDEM Servicing (ex HFC Bank) regarding my CCA request. "Idem Servicing have advised they are unable to provide an agreement for this account.. Please note, this account is no longer being serviced by Robinson Way. Please direct any queries to Idem Servicing directly" It now says the amount due is £0.00 - I assume thats just for their internal systems and I do nothing more with this and if I get another letter from some other DCA regarding this I should just send off a CCA request to them?
  6. Letters printed - going to sort out the PO on Monday and send recorded. Thanks for all the help and advice.
  7. Yea - I realised that very late in the day. I am wondering if I knock it down to £1 have they enough to take it further.
  8. Original debt was £3574 Remaining £2037.76 Paid so far £1536.24 I have been paying anywhere from £3 - £15 per month (the payments are a bit erratic on the statement) The documents from Gregory Pennington say I was paying £11.37 per month
  9. yea - it looks like it - they sent me a 4 page statement
  10. Cheers - will do it on Monday. No interest is being charged.
  11. Do I send the SAR to MBNA or to Link as Link have said they have bought the debt on 20th Dec 2007 Current outstanding amount is (according to Link) 2037.76
  12. I have nothing other than the the statement from Link with the payments made by GP. I am assuming then I should continue to make payments as all the paperwork is in order?
  13. Apologies - I have created the file as a PDF - its under 2mb. If any of the pages are not clear let me know. CCA returns .pdf
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