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  1. Agreed again Tobyjugg and Coughdrop. It does seem the law backs the bailiffs against debtors. The system is unfair.
  2. Great post Tobyjugg, you're right. BA is right saying don't leap to conclusions and sticking up for the bailiffs, but you can only go on what you've got. Agree with Brassnecked too that courts seem to favour bailiffs.
  3. Why not use BAs letter for the council asking them to take it back so you don't pay extra fees? Might not be able to, but worth mentioning.
  4. Completely unreasonable but warrant might still be live. Good point though. Good point by Coughdrop too about vulnerability, financial hardship and the national standards.
  5. Agreed Coughdrop. Pompous posts by know it alls are pointless. Much better to have real experience to understand these things. Leave Dodgeball to his ramblings and Bailiff Advice to her huge number of enquiries.
  6. Some good signs, some not. This forum lets you grind your axe, but as you said no real contribution.
  7. It's a bad question Delta. Can you give more info and it'll be better for everyone.
  8. Don't do chargeback. Leave message here for Bailiff Advice, she can do deals with Marstons.
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