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  1. Recently I received a parking charge notice from "PCN Debt Recovery and Prosecution Service" on the 4th April for the offence of: "parking in an area restricted for permit holders without displaying a valid permit before 9:30 at Orpington Railway Station Car Park" as it was early in the winter morning and I had no way of knowing this detail due to it being dark outside. I believed that the initial charge of £90 was unreasonable and thus ignored the letter as I had read online that these types of private companies do not have the authority to cite Railway Byelaw 14. However, today I received another letter from "PPN Debt Recovery and Prosecution Service" (note the difference) for a parking penalty notice of £165 with the same offence and claim details. This does not correlate to the previous letter and I read that a parking penalty notice is a cause for concern. Can anyone confirm whether or not they have the ability to do this? Thanks One detail that I noticed was that the letter claims that "A "Notice to Owner" was sent to you as the registered owner/keeper/hirer of the vehicle because a Parking Penalty Notice (PPN) was issued to the vehicle above and to date the due payment has not been received" (the previous letter was a parking charge notice, not a parking penalty notice)
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