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  1. Yes, you are right. We have contacted shelter already they are calling this evening. Mind is a great idea, will call them today. Also trying to get through to the royal courts of justice cab. From my experience bwith helping another friend. There service is extremely busy. Whilst an action plan is needed, at the moment the priority would be stop the bailiff evicting her on Wednesday. As I understand to do this she would need submit the n244 asap for a judge decide. But what orders are we asking to set aside and under what grounds..? Help please anyone? Nb. She is being quoted £2500 to complete the n244 by one solicitor firm that had previously assured her in the past. But she doesn't have that. They need up front money. Anyone know a firm who will charge at least half that amount to do the n244?
  2. Complicated story. My neighbour confided in me she just found out she is being evicted at 9am on the 11th Jan 17. She is 69, has long term mental health conditions and her affairs were previously handled by the court of protection for some 20 years. She is a leaseholder (66years remaining) of a flat within a house conversation, it appears from the paperwork I have seen the landlord has been successful in gaining possession and she is now being evicted by way of forfeiture. The original claim for forfeiture in 2014(?), which was withdrawn states for reasons such as no access, not washing windows, putting flowers on the window ledge. There has been ongoing disputes between her and the landlord, ever since as she claims they illegally required the freehold (Some 20 years ago) and she refused to pay a premium of 100k for a new lease, which cost them (the other two leaseholders) £2.5k to get the freehold. Her property in size equates to 40% of the building. This lead to them harassing her, failing to carry out their repairs and reporting that they thought she was dead and the police breaking in. She was sectioned under the mental health act ( a few years back), when she disclosed past incidents. For the past 18 months she hasn't opened mail due to her health and conditions. The mortgage company wasn't initially apart of the claim, but they have adjoined and appear have been granted some relief at some point. She has only realised, a friend insisted she opened up the mail and that when she found last weekend she is being evicted next Wednesday. I know she needs to complete an N244 but what should be included?, I have taken a copy of the guidance. She is not entitled to legal aid, because of the equity in the property and solicitors want up front fees, and/or short notice. Any help would be much appreciated. I have only had 2 hours sleep myself and have to wake up to 4 kids (one who is broken his leg), work, a meeting with my brothers mental health team who have failed him drastically and assist my neighbour, along with my own health issues. So I need to get some sleep, but will check in the morning for any advice on completing the N244 or anything else. I have quite a few of the court papers but need to scan them, which I hope to do tomorrow at some point. Many thanks for reading and I hope we can help her.
  3. Hello all, Newbie here, I would like to add that my new landlord (a London LA) advised me of a weekly water charge totalling (£780 pa) direct to them. I have a self contained flat within a large house. I little investigating Thames Water advised me my estimated water charges on a meter would be in the region of £500. I did a quick calculation via Consumer Council for Water calculator, with my estimated use of water consuming items (washing machine, toilet, bath etc) and they estimate my water bill on a meter is estimated to be £440- so saving if I change. Asked Thames Water to fit a meter, but they couldn't fit a meter- so advised of special tariffs in such situations which is in the region of £300. I advised my landlord of my intention to change to a meter a little while ago, haven't told my LA a meter cant be installed yet (only found out recently) but I want to pay directly because of the savings- I hope they don't refuse! any advice on my right to pay directly-or at least at the cost Thames Water is prepared to charge me? What's really disgusting is my neighbour both single people pay the same rate!!!!!!!!! Also Thames Water send bills to the old tenant! On the issue of profiting by social landlords- my old HA landlord began a few years ago to add 10% management on service charges to all tenants (small no. of leaseholders and us general social rented- (included communal water, electricity, lifts (we had disabled residents), security guard etc)- I didn't think that was right but could find anyone who was able to advise either way. Any advice on the above would be much appreciated. I will update you on my situation when I have more. Thank you
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