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  1. You are right, he did said that. Somehow I got suggested by previous answers that I should respond to their letters at least with a simple statement. I will leave it then without any response now. We'll see what will happen. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks guys, I shall then send a letter where I will confirm my position as per my previous response. I hope, I really do hope they will not take it to court.
  3. Hello again, I've just received 'Letter of claim' from BW Legal who works for VCS. They asking again either a payment or providing detailed grounds for disputing. As advised here I have just written to them a short response ("any debt to your client is denied for a number of reasons and any claim by them is thus vex and will be vigourously defended as such") they have actually confirmed that my position has been noted and they will look for further instructions from their client. Obviously they have decided to move forward with it hence this 'Letter of claim'. They are asking now to pay £237 which includes principal debt + initial legal costs, estimated interest, court fees and solicitors costs. They mentioned about County Court proceedings and threaten me again about their client obtaining County Court Judgement against me which will be recorded on my credit file etc..... I guess I should stick to my previous statement and respond to this letter in exactly same way I did last time? Thanks for any help.
  4. I don't have too, I just felt it would be worth but was told a post before that it's not necessary and should just wait for LBA or claimform. As I mentioned in my first post I'm not native British thus it's not easy for me to form a formal response which would have any meaning and value in terms of legal proceedings. If you think that kind of short statement might cut this out then I'm more then happy to send it. If that statement requires a bit more I'd really appreciate any help with that. Thanks anyway for your comment.
  5. So I understand that if we take it to court I stand a chance of winning?? I can see now that probably the whole point of not allowing you to stop anywhere near the car park is to make people use it (pay for it) and prevent quick drop off / pick up outside of it. That wouldn't be the case here as I have used it however I don't have a ticket as a proof now. I don't know if the genuine reason (emergency) to stop the car is good enough to dismiss their claim in the court?? Do you think I should contact BW Legal and try to explain this again as they have suggested this in their letter??
  6. Answering your questions: VCN is Vehicle Control Services Ltd and they claim to be a member of IPC. I don't know who operates the car park at this airport but the penalty was given for 'allegedly breaching the terms and conditions of use of the Privately Operated Access Roads at Robin Hood Airport, Approach Roads and the Reason for contravention was: Parked on a restricted bus stop/stand. It all happened outside of the fenced airport car park, literally 20m beyond the gates. I know that there are a lot of 'might', 'could', 'may' but still I have got no clue that we take it to court I've got any chance of winning?? As said I don't want to find myself in the situation that the bill will raise from £60 to £500 at the end. When I stopped there at night (22:15) I didn't notice any signs but if you use the street view you will be able to see a small sign saying most likely: No stopping at all times. It's a bit blurry but it definitely says something like that. Thanks for your response
  7. No disrespect for you but I thought this is the place you get a piece of advice not criticism only..... Move out from UK and then try to appeal in French or Chinese and then we can discuss.... It's not easy, believe me...
  8. I'm not but I started with £60, now it's £154 and I just don't want to find myself paying £500 at the end. There is so much legal stuff here and different cases that it will take me weeks to go through it and at the end I won't exactly similar one. I know that it took long but unfortunately I was advised by people to just leave it as THEY would not take me to court. Now I'm not sure about it....
  9. Hello, Probably as most of the people here I feel like I've been heavily fined for minor offence. As mentioned in the Title I'd been issued a PCN for 'Parking on a restricted bus stop/stand'. The most important question for me now is whether I should pay full amount (£154) or take it to the court. I don't know if I have the case here and whether it is worth risking for that kind of money. Also the way I dealt with it up to now was probably not too good and on top of it I'm not British which makes it even more difficult for me to understand all these legal procedures. here is the story: 1. On 02/04/2015, 22:15 at Doncaster airport I stopped in the bus bay. It's located just outside the fenced carpark but apparently is still within airport premises. I guess it might have been ca.30s and to be honest I don't remember why I stopped. As I had a kid with me and just picked up my parents from the airport it might have been some safety issue (not fastened seatbelts) or just simply to set the sat nav. I'm not from the area and didn't exactly know which way to go meaning I had to stop somewhere and that bay seemed to be the safest place there. 2. I received a PCN on 20/05/2015 with a £60 discounted rate. 3. I appealed (in my own way, not too professional and legal manner - unfortunately I confirmed in my letter that I did stop in that bay and tried to explain the circumstances.) and obviously it was rejected on 06/06/2015 having found no extenuating circumstances. Still could have paid £60 but decided to appeal to IAS as suggested in the letter. 4. I went to IAS webpage but there was no option suitable to my case so I just left it. 5. I've received a letter on 13/04/2016 from VCS that the case had been moved to legal department: BW Legal and should pay the outstanding balance (£154) or it will be taken to Court They threaten me with CCJ, affecting my credit score and employability. Any suggestions welcomed. Personally I'm leaning towards paying the penalty and getting it off my head. £154 is not a fortune.
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