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  1. Hi, One of the Internet banking staff said it was closed on the 21st Aug, another call centre staff stated it was closed in July. I've received nothing in writing with regards to this.
  2. Hi, Really need some help. HSBC have closed my account without any notice. They state they sent me warning letters but I have not received anything, even though I was getting normal statements and a new debit card. The account is a basic account with no overdraft facilities just a debit card. Yet somehow netflix managed to take £7.49 and the acc went into a minus. I admit I should have kept a closer eye on this via internet banking. But now I'm worried that with the closing of this acc they have put another default on my credit file. I rang them regarding this and the
  3. Ok I understand now, thanks for your help.
  4. Hi Dx, just trying to understand, the dca (Llowell) have taken over this debt from JDW, doesn't this mean they (Llowell) should be sent the SAR as they are the ones enforcing this debt? Shouldn't the onus be on them to prove debt and not the old creditor whom the debt was bought off? I also came accross this old thread which seems to concur: consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?271522-Subject-Access-Request-from-a-DCA not trying to pick holes just want to make sure I've got my head round this
  5. oki doke sending them by tomorrow. I have to send a fee of £1 with the CCA & £10 for the SAR right? Do I not send the CCA & SAR request to lowell, as they own the debt now?
  6. Letters as requested. Both came together in the same envelope. Bwlegalletterofclaim.pdf lowelltransfertobwlegal.pdf
  7. The default date is Sept 2011 last time I paid i'm not sure and there is no info on that on my credit file
  8. It definatly says "We will issue a claim against you in the County Court without further notice Yes it's on my credit file under defaults. When you say they don't have legal powers, does that mean whatever happens they can't obtain a CCJ?
  9. Hello all, I Received a letter from BWlegal dated the 18th of April 2016, on behalf of their clients Lowell Portfolio 1, that they will be commencing legal action and issuing a claim at the county court in respect to a debt. If payment or response is not received before the 5th of May they will issue the claim without further notice. I've done the necessary research before troubling yourselves and just want to confirm that I'm on the right track So a little background on my debt. This debt was originally with JD Williams under one of their mail order catalogues. The am
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