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  1. Hi, thanks for all that. I really appreciate it.


    The process i followed was a little bit different.


    I found the property on right move and heres what I did after registering on the help to buy and getting my reference number.


    1. arrange a viewing

    2. Paid a £75 referencing/holding fee after I liked the property - at this point I was told i MIGHT need a guarantor

    3. Referencing company (homelet) got in touch with me requested more details (not once asked for any proof of my incomes)

    4. They reported back I needed a guarantor, 1st guarantor was ineligible, paid another £75 for a second guarantor which was fine.

    5. Move date was agreed, even told about the new kitchen equipment and curtains that was going in.

    6. After packing the whole week, signing up for sky, broadband, telephone etc... The day before move date I got a call that I would be moving.




    Ive already complained to Midland Heart, they apparently will get back to me within 3 working days, it's been 4 and I've had no contact...No doubt probably swept under the carpet.

  2. Hi


    Were you going through the shared Ownership route or renting normally (as I can't find anything on there website about intermediate rent scheme)


    Do you have all this in writing and importantly a signed agreement?


    Hi, Please see this link: midlandheart.org.uk/find-a-home/homes-for-rent/rent-to-buy/


    Its a scheme where you can rent the properties at 80% of the market value. Also Midland Heart dont advertise it on there website as such, they do run the scheme - They generally advertise them on rightmove.


    I have everything one email. There wasnt any documents signed yet, as I was due to do that the day I paid the deposit and got the keys. I was even told about a new fridge freezer going in.


    The only thing that was signed and sent back differently from the referencing forms is the deed of guarantor, by my guarantor and a witness.

  3. Hi guys,


    I'm currently self employed, and applied for a property form midland heart on the intermediate rent scheme as im trying to save for a mortgage.


    I went through all the process, providing a guarantor etc and was meant to move saturday just gone, may 14th 2016.


    Midland Heart came back to me and said, they cant do the move because they dont allow guarantor on this scheme yet, I was told I needed one and paid for the referencing via homelet. This is the day before I was due to move.


    Homelet sent back my income as 0, as ive been unemployed for under 12months. Homelet say they only accepts tax returns as proof of income.


    It just seems ive being penalised for being self employed.



    Is there anything i can do because Im basically homeless right now. I have no where to go, midland heart just left me in the dark.


    I was due to move, stuff packed, new furniture ordered to the new address even had a date for a sky installation.




  4. O2 claim to have sent me emails and letters, non of which i received. Ive just checked my credit file and the entry seems to have disappeared?? How likely is it that they've removed it?


    I did get onto lowell direct and tbh, the lady that responded for the CEO was very helpful.


    Ive also checked last months credit file and its on there, but its not on the most recent. How likely is it that it appears back on there?


    Thank you silverfox. I will get onto that - but i will hold out and see if this credit mark comes back.

  5. Thank you for respodong dx100uk.


    I have a few of those emails that's within the same time as when o2 would've sold the debt.


    So you recommend getting a refund from o2? What do i do next?


    O2 credit file referals team, specifically a person named Irfan. basically said "bug off and stop emailing us" - they aren't will to hear what my side.

  6. Hi guys,


    Going to try keep this short.



    in November 2014 I started looking at upgrading my phone as it was playing up.

    O2 couldn't offer me a suitable deal.

    So I moved to 3 in December 2015.


    When I got my PAC code and told o2 that I was moving

    they said any remaining monies would be taken from my account.

    That's what happened with my broadband account as I moved them both at the same time.


    Fast forward a year later I get a call from Lowell saying am I aware of a debt that's owed to o2.

    I told them not because I moved over a year ago and have had not contact from o2 since, only emails entitled,

    "Your monthly bill" and when I open them it simply states there's nothing to pay this month.


    Lowell got back to me saying that they contacted o2 and the debt was still outstanding.

    I then contacted o2 my self to make sure it wasn't a [problem] or anything

    and was shocked when they told me I still owed. I instantly paid the £154.


    As I'm sorting out a mortgage I decided to check my credit file

    and to my amazement there's a default on there from Lowell but no mention of o2.


    Ive had email contact with o2 referrals team but they are hopeless.

    They gave me a number to ring to get a refund and said I must pay Lowell directly.

    I have phoned them yet, I wanted to ask her first for advice.


    I'd be wary of o2. I've been there for 10 years, if there was money owed, they could've wrote, emailed or phoned.


    What to do now??

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