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  1. Thank you I will go see her shortly an help her ... Just out of curiosity what is this he time barred
  2. I will tell her not to panic . Ive used this forum myself an as soon as she told me i thought id ask. Should she ring somone and arrange a payment plan
  3. Hi thank you for giving me the link The debt with lowel im unsure who has passed it over. I havent got much detail as of yet but think its never been paid thenotice of issue if warrent control letter says they failed to pay under the judgement as you were ordered therefore the creditor has asked for a warrent to be issued to the bayliff to seize goods . This was posted to their old address an the nes tenants have gave this letter to them . I will know more tomorrow.i just got a panic call before my friend started work today
  4. Hi sorry to jump this i cant seem to find the post new thread. My freind has a court letter relling her that lowell will instruct bayliffs unless the debt of £178 is paid by the 9th to our local count court . Can someone please advise on what to do next . Again sorry for jumping post
  5. Yeah it was while she was out and about she transfered some money to get her some bits from town . I will pass all this on thank you
  6. Thank you she's about 8 weeks so not too far in . I have tried.doing what I can but she can't go on like this . Many thanks
  7. I I'm posting this for a friend as they don't have Internet. She was claiming jsa and was sanctioned for not handing a job search in. She rang for hardship and was denied it due to her mum popping money in her account to even though there was an explanation for it. Is there so.ething she can do as the money they did pay only just covered her board which doesn't include food . She's been staying at people's houses hoping they will ask to stay for tea and if not going without. Her mum has just lost her job so can't really help.her Sanction was for march Any hel
  8. That's good to know as I am waiting until it's over to apply at hospital and they cehc employers back 3 yrs . I just don't want to go in to the meeting unprepared. I would ideally like my job back until I can get another
  9. The only thing I can see in the booklet is that I could take any union rep coral union rep or co worker and I asked for another union rep to attend an was told sorry it has to be a coral rep and then also my co worker was opening the shop it states that a colleague will be allowed reasonable paid time off from their duties to act as a rep .. Also in my dismissal letter it states you were given warnings previously about your conduct and if it did not improve it may lead to disciplinary action. I since spoken to my manager asking for copies of any warnings given and she looked miffed an
  10. Got a copy will dig it out as I don't think it was . Will reply before dinner.
  11. Hi I was sacked on 3 counts of miss conduct at the beginning of the month and have just received my appeal date for Wed. I was sacked for eating at the counter use of mobile phone and leaving a security hatch open . I was asked if I was aware of these policies I agreed as I was told verbally about them . But as others including people with a higher rank did this I just followed suit . They showed me the cctv of me using my phone which I was using to get a verification code to sign someone up to one of the loyalty cards the initial inve
  12. It is just to get her info I will accept what has happened . I'm just panicking incase I lose my job I'm already living at my friends until I can get enough money together to get house an if I lose this job I will be himeless again . Stupidity on my behalf
  13. From memory there's nothing on form so been online and had a look and I can't see anything . I've never been told any different by any manager etc
  14. I'm not sure they don't have to sign anything and there is forms that can be filled in to be left which a colleague had got someone to fill out and they weren't present .it's just a pin number they need but some older generation can never remember them so staff know them I've never been told any different. Plus I've had someone higher than me ask if I know anyone that wants a sign up so I could do it there an then
  15. Hi all looking for some help.i work in a book makers been there for around 3 month still in training. Today after I finished I got a call telling me I had been put on suspension with full pay due to breach of rules. I was seen on cctv eating at the counter using my mobile.phone and then the low blow was possible fraudulent sign ups to a certain card we have. These aren't credit they offer punters best odds and the sign up deal is bet 5 get 20 free in bets etc .. I'm to meet up with a manager on Tuesday but cannot take anyone with me so they can get the facts before putting it forward. I was
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