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  1. that's not my defence i did not blame the driver because i was the one that got on the bus without a valid ticket. The driver isn't really going to be responsible. I totally understand where you're coming from it makes sense, but the driver could also say i wasn't aware of what was going etc maybe he wasn't concentrating.
  2. Guys technically i didn't use her oyster card. She was right next to me and the driver saw me hand it over to her and i told the driver i did not have an oyster card. So i got on without an oyster card! You know those clumsy people? yes my sister is like that so i have to look after her stuff when we go out and i had her wallet.
  3. i didn't touch twice just one, you can't touch twice it won't work
  4. really ? because i did not have a valid oyster? it was hers....
  5. i only touched the oyster card if im honest she just walked past, so i can understand why it can seem like i was fare evading. if im honest i hate people who make up excuses but i know that on this day i was in a rush as my mother was going to be giving birth so she asked me to get some stuff for her. I wasn't thinking at all stupidly because when i boarded the buss i was around 10 mins fromµy house. i did genuinely lose my oyster card and i told the inspector this so this was the only way of getting back home.
  6. sorry they said write an email. This was on a bus and i only touched the oyster once?
  7. i spoke to tfl and they said write a letter and the prosecution team will have a look at it. i'm not sure about the oyster thing with the sister i did not ask. i'm assuming no?
  8. Thanks for the reply guys just saw this. I want to notify tfl of the whole story??? on the charge sheet it says 'contrary to regulation 7(2)e of the Public Service vehicles. But of they check cctv they can see that i used another oyster so whats the point in not wanting to tell them? i agree that what ive done is stupid and i should face the consequences so i don't want to do anything thats going to put me in more trouble? it's not a court summons i think because i asked for some advice and i was told it was a single justice procedure so no prosecutors will be there on the day. ok so on the day i said i didnt have a valid ticket, was i cautioned? no. But the inspector gave her statement but i know that when someone is cautioned they usually get the 'anything you say may be used as evidence against you etc' right? well i didn't get cautioned (unless i blanked out). The reason i asked for their number is i have no other way of contacting them. Nothing comes up on google. thanks.
  9. Even though i'm new on here i've been on here enough to know that this type of 'help me' threads get posted sooo many times so here another one. To keep it short: i was stopped by revenue inspectors and failed to produce an oyster (i used my sister's but as my sister was with me at the time literally with me i gave her oyster back) when the inspector asked for my oyster i just said i didn't have one because my sister was terrified and i didn't want to get her in trouble so took the responsibillity. (i'm older than her). tfl sent me legal proceedings letter and now a 'single procedure justice' notice to plead guilty or not guilty within 21 days. This 21 day ends next week thursday. Because this isn't a court summons so does this mean no out of court settlement?????? also ANYONE have their number i've searched every where but can't find it. i'm so stressed out.
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