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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say Thank you so much for this bit of advice. I sent a letter to PALS and to the NHS trust involved, i got a letter back from the NHS trust quickly saying they were unhappy that i was unhappy.. long story short they were unhappy that the signage wasn't good enough, THey have settled my fine with the company and are sorting out signage etc.. . So result for me.. I am so glad i came on to this site as you all gave excellent advice and thanks to you i didn't have to pay. . so once again THANK YOU
  2. Just an update, i have sent an email to find out about the signs/planning permission to the council and i have printed off ready to send out tomorrow a letter of complaint to the hospital trust and also to PALS , so will see what replies i get from any of them. Thanks all for the advice up till now
  3. Ok, This time i am hoping it is correct, First two pictures are of the car park sign, the last picture of the door, is where the sign stating where to get permit from outside of office hours, i know you cant read the writing, however it was just for me to see where the sign was, when i approached the door t was being held open for me. I will get on to the other things mentioned above aswell. sign.pdf
  4. Ok great thank you, I will have a good look and i will attempt to convert photos to pdf.
  5. How do i post a picture on here? I am hoping these pictures will come out big enough The reply i got from POPLA which refused my appeal states ''Even if a motorist presents mitigating circumstances setting out exceptional reasons why they did not keep to the parking conditions, POPLA cannot allow an appeal if a contract was formed and the motorist did not keep to the parking conditions. Accordingly, I must refuse the appeal'' Which to me is crazy because there are a couple of reasons i didn''t have a permit showing. Here are the photos of the car park signs. Which does state that you need a permit, but does NOT state where you get them from. There is one sign INSIDE the hospital which states where to get a permit from when reception is shut, however i didn't see this sign as the Dr opened the door for me before i got there and quickly put me in a side room so he could get back on to the ward. As i said before, POPLA said in their appeal refused letter that i should have called the general helpline on the sign which at the time of me parking (on a Sunday) was closed. ticket.pdf
  6. I tried ringing DR+ yesterday but the man was just rude and abusive, will that hurt my case? It was Oaklands Mental Hospital in Chichester so pretty sure it is Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.
  7. not sure what PPC stands for but if you are asking what company, its a company called Ethical parking management It was a ticket on windscreen. Date was 20/12/15. The company is Ethical Parking Management (EPM). The ticket is called a Contractual Breach Charge (CBC) I appealed to them in the reply from them they sent photos of my car parked in the bay ( i don't dispute that i was parked there) and them saying that they can't cancel the charge as i was parked there and the parking officer saw no ticket. They gave me the website address to appeal to POPLA, at no time have i been able to see anything mentioned about the schedule 4 thing. I have photos of the sign they have in the car park. will try and work out ow to post it up here.
  8. Hi, Back in December of last year i received a Contractual Breach Charge (fancy name for parking ticket/fine) in a FREE hospital car park, £100 or £60 if paid within 2 weeks) The conditions of the car park is that you get a permit to put in windscreen, the first day that was fine, i collected it from reception and that was that, the second day i visited was the Sunday, reception was closed, no sign to say where to get permit from, just signs that say you needed one. I went in (couldn't ask a member of staff what to do for a couple of reasons) went out and bam.. ticket on car. The next day i went to the hospital i asked lady at reception and she said, you are meant to collect permits from the building next door when reception is closed. I appealed the ticket.. refused as expected. I then appealed to POPLA and that was also rejected. Them saying that regardless of the circumstances that i gave for not having a permit, the fact i parked there i entered the contract and so they have to refuse the appeal, they also stated that on the car park sign that stated you needed a permit (but not where to get it from) there is a helpline i should have rung.. That is all well and good but the helpline was closed at the time i parked. Aswell as all this i was also suffering badly from mental illness so wasn't completely thinking straight anyway. A couple of weeks ago i got a letter from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd saying that the debt is now £160 and that failure to pay will result in another letter and an increase in the fine cost. I just tried to ring to ask if a freeze could be put on the fine for a couple of reasons, including that i don't currently work as am off work sick with mental health issues and the bloke on phone had a go at me, said i shouldn't have parked there or i should have just paid the initial fine. Which has left me crying and shaking, I don't feel i should pay this fine as i feel it is extremely unfair but i am scared witless about the fine getting bigger and having people turn up at my mums house to collect the fine. But i also don't have the money to pay it. Does anyone know for a FACT what will or can happen and what i should do please as i am desperate
  9. Hi, I am new to forums and have just joined this site, I need advice about a parking ticket i got in a private car park. I wont go into all the details here but i can't work out where i should post the whole comment or how to do it. Could anyone please tell me so i can post my whole question please, Thank you in advance... from a learner
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