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  1. Ah right, thank for this and all your comments.
  2. Thank you, I will do that. How do they get hold of these depts if they are not registered?
  3. Thank you everyone, so if they phone and I tell them to stop calling at out in writing, they will do? Thank you infogeek, I will tell them when they call again, they sound terrible people, they have given me 2 weeks to reply to the letter, then a suspect the calls will start. I had a terrible day on fri about it, but feel much better now ��
  4. No, not had any statments on the repo for ages, could do with ringing them up. I'm not worried about that, it's GDR, I don't want the stress of the phone call etc, thanks everyone for your help, been reading all the forums and it's sounds like they are coming it all the time , many thanks again .
  5. I pay Drysden for the repo, it wasn't them at the beginning, it changed to them a few years back. It's more this loan I'm worried about that's not been paid for over 18 years, can't understand it after this long. Thank you for all your kind comments, I will ignor for now, thanks again
  6. The last payment would have been over 18 years ago, thank again, I'm more worried as I gave my mobile and email address
  7. I'm now paying a company called drydensfairfax, thanks in advance
  8. ThNk you very much, but I am worried, would you sent the sb letter? Many thanks
  9. I've been Doing a lot of research this past couple of days about this company, it seems like they are not nice at all, feeling sacred but thank you all for your comments
  10. It was about a year later someone wrote to me, I sent them copies of solicters letters to try and stop the repo and asked if they would half the shortfall, which they did, I've been paying monthly payments ever since, no one can find my ex, I've had calls in the past,
  11. I would say 18 1/2 to 19 years ago, yes I'm still paying the repo, not to TSB, another company, def not this one many thanks
  12. Yes, it was the same bank (TSB) so why would this not have flagged up years ago, this was a personal loan
  13. Awe I'm feeling really sick about this, because I gave them the security question they now know it's me, help please
  14. Awe no, I was really shocked to be honest, I've got the letter from global today, with a print out letter from back in 2006 they have sent, is it worth sending the sb letter, many thanks again
  15. Good afternoon, I received a withheld phone call on tues 19th April asking for my ex husband, told them he doesn't live and as never lived here, they asked if I knew where he is, I said I've not seen him for 19 years, then asked about me as this is a joint dept from 19+ years ago, I was so silly to answer their security question and give them my mobile and email address. Wednesday I received a letter from gdr trace saying that they think I'm the person there client wishes to contact, I've not phoned them as yet as this was posted on the 18th before my phone call on the 19th, obviously they are working together. It was a messy devorce which ended my house got repossessed, I've never hidden away as I still pay a monthly payment to this. They said they sent a letter in 2001 to that address and whoever lived there said I didn't live there, I know for a fact my ex would not say he owed this dept or made any contact, I would think this would be statued barred, I'm so worried at the min about all this and would love for some advice, I've seen the template letters that can be send and would this stop contact, somehow I don't think so with this company. I've looked as well on my credit file and everything is ok there. I'm waiting to still received the letter that they said on the phone call, but have not as yet, they told me I had 2 weeks to get back to them when I do get this letter, many thanks in advance I also don't want my ex's name on any letters as this one from GDR TRACE had both our names on it.
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