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  1. Thanks for your reply, yes I intend following it through, things like this that I regard as not being fair annoy me!! I initially spoke to them over the phone and they refused to accept that I had a valid point but offered half the collection money that I'd paid as a kind gesture. I asked to be put on to someone more senior but was refused so I ended the conversation. I then went down the email route and asked for a final letter from them so I could pursue it with the ombudsman. I got a reply initially but then further emails were ignored. I left it for a few days and asked about the £15 that they still owed me, I then received an email stating that £7.50 had been refunded. I've since emailed to say it should be £15 but I've not had a reply. I'll try and find their head office details and do what you advised thanks.
  2. Hello I joined this site after being recommended it by a friend who'd got great advice with an issue he had with a mobile phone company. I've started a thread myself so hoping to get some advice regarding it. Thanks Newnesy
  3. I posted this 5 days ago but have not yet had a reply even though there has been just under 200 views. Have I posted it in the right section or would I be better off posting it elsewhere on the site.......................or am I missing something altogether. Can someone advise please, regards.
  4. Hello About 3 months ago the hinges on my oven door became faulty and it opened by accident and hit the kitchen floor damaging the outer glass window in my oven door. The glass shattered similar to the way a car windscreen would but remained intact within the door. I continued using the oven with no problem for a further couple of months (with the shattered glass still intact) until I ordered a new oven from Appliances Direct. On my online order I opted for the service to remove my old oven and paid a further £15 for this. Prior to the delivery I removed my old oven and placed it in my hall. The glass was still intact but I covered it with newspaper and taped over it just as a precaution. On the day of delivery/removal I was working so my 20yr old daughter was there to let them in. They delivered the new oven then took the old oven out to the van to remove it but dropped it thus shattering the glass in the door. They then returned the old oven back to my house, apologised and refused to take it. My daughter called me immediately so I rang Appliances Direct to see what was happening. They said it had been a failed collection due to customer error and broken glass being present. I complained that because they hadn't removed the old oven then I wanted a full refund of £15 or I gave them the option of returning and taking the oven away on a different day. They refused both of these, I asked to be transferred to speak to the manager and they refused this also, eventually they offered to refund half of the cost as a good will gesture but I told them I'm not happy with this as I've lost out £7.50 plus I've still got the hassle of getting the old oven removed. Anyway I'm at a standstill now and they are refusing anything else but on principle I'm not prepared to let it go. Has anyone got any advice as to the way forward please, I did threaten them with the ombudsman etc but it's had no impact.
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