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  1. Mmmm not one hundred percent sure! I remember it was very very windy. I remember seeing the speed van and checking my speed and then thinking is it a dual carriage way and 50 mph in which case I am guilty!!! They are claiming I was doing 81 in a 70 in which case I would have thought I was guilty regardless and this is why I wanted to see the evidence. They have since written to me as requested and confirmed that they will not show the evidence unless i take the risk of going to court
  2. Hi Folks, Thank you for your help and advice. I notified them that I was the driver immediately. I will probably just pay the fine and have the points (I had a speed awareness course 2-3 years ago) It really doesn’t seem fair or right though that they have the evidence yet won’t provide it unless I go to court and risk paying larger amounts. Thanks again for your help
  3. Should have mentioned ... the offence they claim is doing 81mph in a 70 speed limit
  4. Should have mentioned ... the offence they claim is doing 81mph in a 70 speed limit  

  5. Hi folks, I wonder if you can help. I received a NIP. I remember the day in question as it was very windy And I was returning from the coast with my friends children. I am very sure I was not speeding. NiP did not give the option to view video or stills evidence with their paperwork. I phoned to ask where I can view it and they told me that they had the evidence but that I could only view it if I went to court. I said that can’t be fair re pre action protocol, fair on me to allow me time to consider the evidence or good use of tax payers mone
  6. Jamberson. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my thread. Your points are duly noted.
  7. honeybee13 is it possible to delete the account for survival? if not not to worry as I will never remember the password!! Am I on track and posted in the correct thread now?
  8. I have logged back in. I think this computer had saved in the browser an old log in I had forgotten
  9. wait a minute... my update has posted as survival!! I will log out and back in!!
  10. Oh No! Have I done it again?? I thought I was updating on my original post. I did see the posts by survival but don't remember that being my user name. I made a note in my phone of my user name (heathertippex) and password. That's not to say I could have forgotten my original user name and pass word. How can we delete the 'survival' account because the post is definitely mine so the account must be !!!
  11. Hi, Update....... So the situation to date is that the council have upheld their PCN and my appeal to their PCN. I have now appealed to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. The local paper has run a story on how crazy the situation is and the shopping center management think the restriction is crazy as do the center users. East Riding Council Highways dont take calls or communicate but have said that the developer Wykeland make all decisions with regard to parking restrictions. I have contacted Wykeland for comment. So basically there is a recessed area for making deliveri
  12. Good morning, This is interesting. I hadn’t thought of that. I am going to ring them today and see what they say. I will feed back.
  13. Thank you DX100UK. I have been able to locate the TRO but only the amended one. I noticed last week that they are looking to amend the use of the bay to including a waiting time and taxis during certain hours. I can not see the original TRO. My concern is that they are restricting deliveries to 'Good Vehicles' and this means every time I deliver there I risk getting a ticket. I cannot understand why they are doing this as its not an overly busy delivery location. I have never struggled to pull up there. There are plenty of disabled parking spaces and shoppers
  14. Ah I see you have moved them across I am please about that !! I thought i'd done it wrong again or that I had to do something really technical!! So I am good to go?? I am not being a kookoo on someone else's post??
  15. I am so sorry I just don't know how to do that and I am worried that I will make things worse. Took me a good half hour to find out how to post a new thread and not nick someone else's!! If I wasn't so desperate to resolve this matter i'd just shut up the office and go home!!! and forget about this site - but I don't know where else I might get some advise on this as it all seems wrong!
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