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  1. Hello again all and thanks for the help so far. We had the dsar and sent a final roll of the dice to Halifax we've just has a final response telling us not to write anymore and that the account is now with collections. Collections have written to my partner and advised they've set up a £10 a month payment plan. Partner is understandably pretty beaten up by this - we even included some of the court papers which Halifax have completely ignored. Do we just throw in the towel and pay? What happens when we wait for the claims form? we're just completely do
  2. Just to keep you all updated. My partners had the dsar pack which apparently does contain a copy of the forged signature. I haven't had a good look at it yet but it's fairly clear it's not her signature. Is it worth sending this into Halifax and challenging?
  3. Agreed and Halifaxs initial response way back when was to fall back on the the t&cs and "joint and several" liability. However her ex had to sign a form to obtain the od and it was on this that he forged the signature and it was on the basis of this form that they provided the od. My big worry now is where do we go from here? What are the consequences? My partner is - rightly in my opinion - refusing to accept any liability for the debt but Halifax seem to only be chasing her. What happens if they keep slapping down or completely ignoring our arguments?
  4. Addressed to my partner only but it refers to the account still being in joint names. I presume its because they've never been able to get hold of him and my partner has been in contact with them - "jointly and severally liable" and all that.
  5. Hi Andy, yes the account was in joint names so presumably so are the arrears. As far as we can see, Halifax have never chased for the debt from the ex though and we have no way of contacting him - nor should we want to as there was a restraining order in place against him for a year after the divorce.
  6. Ok thanks for the help guys, will keep you updated when we get the DSAR back although any further advice would obviously be more than welcome Is there anything we need to be worried about or expect them to do in the meantime?
  7. My worry now is that Halifax seem to be escalating things to collections faster than they are dealing with the DSAR - possibly deliberately but not so sure. Should we respond to the latest letter from them or just wait for the DSAR?
  8. Hi all, first time poster but long time lurker and admirer! I am a former Bank worker (not Halifax) so know a little about complaints procedures but now need your help. For background - My partner was formerly in an abusive marriage. Her ex was emotionally, financially and physically controlling. All of this is documented in court papers and he is not allowed to see my partner's child and has no parental rights. During the course of the relationship, the two of them opened a joint bank account with Halifax (before he became completely abusive). My partner's debit
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