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  1. My Formal Letter of Claim has now come through from Wright Hassall. I will ignore this one as well. Hopefully they will give up now. Let's hope ES Parking Enforcement become a distant memory!
  2. My Formal Letter of Claim has now come through from Wright Hassall. I will ignore this one as well. As I understand it, until a Letter Before Action arrives, I have no need to reply.
  3. Next letter now received from Wright Hassall - standard letter including phrase "...may result in us recommending to our client that we pass this matter over to our Litigation Department", followed by threats as to what a CCJ might impact. Am I correct in thinking this is another debt collection letter and therefore I should ignore at this point?
  4. Next debt collection letter: What should I do next? Ignore this letter and wait for the letter from Wright Hassall?
  5. So are you suggesting that as long as I stick to not declaring who the driver is, that I will be able to avoid the penalty? I thought there was some recent guidelines or legal change that allows parking companies to chase the registered keeper if they don't declare who the driver was at the time the car was parked?
  6. Any helpful suggestions as to what I should do next? Expecting another debt collection letter any time..
  7. The second blue sign is a separate sign on the edge of the car park. I guess it's placed there to make sure people see it as they walk out of the car park.
  8. The first NTK is below: The second NTK is very similar: And finally the debt collection letter:
  9. Thinking about it I may have got it off another site. Anyway this is the primary content ignoring address details, PCN number and company name. I am not ignoring your charge for a purported parking infraction. As this is purely a charge (not a statutory penalty) issued under a purported contract and the driver has not been identified, I require the following information so that I can make an informed decision: 1. Who is the party that contracted with your company for the provision of their services? I require their contact details. 2. What is the full legal identity of the landowner? 3. As you are not the landowner please provide a contemporaneous and unredacted copy of your contract with the landholder that demonstrate that you have their authority to both issue parking charges and litigate in your own name. 4. Is your charge based on damages for breach of contract? Answer yes or no. 5. If the charge is based on damages for breach of contract, please provide your justification of this sum. 6. Is your charge based on a contractually agreed sum for the provision of parking? Answer yes or no. 7. If the charge is based on a contractually agreed sum for the provision of parking, please provide a valid VAT invoice for this 'service'. 8. Please provide a copy of the signs that purportedly were on site which you contend formed a contract with the driver on that occasion. If you believe you have a cause of action, send a Letter before Claim within the next 21 days and I will take advice and will respond. In my opinion, there is a better alternative than legal proceedings, namely that we utilise the services of a completely independent ADR service suited to parking charges. This does not include the IAS appeal service - which lacks any transparency and possibly any independence from the IPC - unlike the alternative offered by the British Parking Association, POPLA, which is transparent and has been shown to be independent. Do not send debt collector letters and do not add any costs or surcharges. I will not respond to those, so to involve another firm would be a failure to mitigate your alleged loss. In any case, the addition of any debt collector 'costs' is not my liability because the POFA 2012 can only potentially hold a registered keeper liable if certain provisions have been met and even then, the 'amount of the parking charge' is the only amount pursuable.
  10. Was hoping not to declare the name of the company just in case they are monitoring the site. It's an IPC company using the IAS appeal service. The driver paid for parking £3 to the end of the day. Left on the dashboard in full view, but the wind blew it upside down as the door was closed. A PCN was left on the car - £100 charge but £50 if I paid within 14 days. About 3 weeks later I wrote a standard letter back to the company highlighting that I was not ignoring their charge for a purported parking infraction but I needed more info before I could make an informed decision. 8 standard questions as suggested on this site. Suggested using POPLA or similar independent ADR service. Highlighted that they shouldn't send debt collection letters and not to add any costs or surcharges. Written as the registered keeper. No reply to this letter. About 2 weeks later I received another letter highlighting charge was £100. Two options: Pay or provide the name and address of the driver. I was on holiday whilst this letter arrived. About 2 weeks later I sent another copy of the same letter and highlighted that they hadn't responded with the requested information. Sent Royal Mail "Signed For" service. No reply to this letter. The next day I received another letter highlighting the charge had increased to £125. Obviously crossed in the post with my response. About a week later I sent a reply highlighting that they had still not responded to my request. This time I claimed they were wasting my time and I would start charging them every time I had to write a letter to them. So this letter included an admin charge of £100. I kept this one clear: I am the registered keeper of the vehicle and I am not liable for any parking charges. Please do not write to me again. Sent Royal Mail "Signed For" service. No reply to this letter. Sharpish response rejecting invalid invoice. Received a debt collection notice from ZZPS. Charge now £185. What should I do now?
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