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  1. Had similar with my JSA advisor 2 weeks back. In a patronising way telling me to take control of my chronic illnesses. Telling me to do improve my core muscles. Obviously thats a new one on me and ive never tried that like:-x having completed 2 pain clinics there is little i have not tried to get a handle on things but in the end i find moderate exercise helpful such as walks. Only reason im not fighting for ESA is the stress of going through that would probably send my pain through the roof as stress def plays a massive part with me.
  2. See the pain specialist and he links my pain to depression. Instead of having a melt down im in pain. Seems very odd and im not convinced but will see what happens as im having more tests to rule out certain things and they will change my meds around. Here is hoping i get on top of it. I no i suffer a bit with depression but was a shock to here him say what he did.
  3. Seen a new physio and being sent to see a new pain specialist as things just get weirder for me pain wise. Sharp pains in ribs/chest area that come and go. Pain that moves around the body can be in one area for a few seconds to a min or 2 then goes. Along with all my usual aches and pains. Seriously struggle to explain pain when i see a doc / specialist so keeping a diary. On Amatriptaline again which has helped with sharp pains going down shins and feet. Personally having a answer/diagnosis would help me come to terms with things as when just chronic pain it carries no weight when trying to explain why you can do stuff some days and not others. Warmer weather has always helped me in general less tired and in the past got away with less meds but at present im taking more meds than i can shake a stick at. Still struggling to find jobs to apply for as i want part time local to me as not worth doing as i am lucky enough to live out in the sticks.
  4. Glad you are still around Max. Be interesting to see who they link you up with for mandatory unpaid work in time. Which employer will take the risk ?. I got sent to a very understanding charity shop who at first never wanted me with a bad back only 3 miles away 16hrs a week in the summer which helps my pain mood etc but even then i nearly had to quit as was having more meds than i should some days. Also if you fail to complete you get sanctioned so how the hell you will have any control ill never no. I always through the line of give me a job at the job centre. I can be on the ground floor saying floor 1,2 or 3 sir/madam and be shown how to use a photo copier. No jobs for me but the offer apprentice Really hope you get the justice you deserve or even better your health back as im yet to meet anyone who wants to live on 70 odd
  5. Big flair up so not put anything on here for ages. Walking sisters dogs really set my arms off and to make things worse slipped over on the ice a few week back on my shoulder. Been to doc and he aint convinced its RSI in arms but said could be Tennis elbow in 1 to go along with RSI in both hands. Im 99% sure i have RSI going on in both arms so will be pushing for a diagnosis and treatment in next few weeks as got to have bloods taken tuesday as been quite rough prob a really bad cold along with depression and chronic pain the last few weeks/ months have been a battle. Doing my rotator cuff muscle exercises to see if that helps. Not totally given up claiming ESA but after reading on the forum how tough a ride it is. Appreciate the reply Lapsed workaholic and some very valid points to consider such as the advice when form filling as if the pain is constant and not sometimes yes sometimes no. Plus all the RSI info. My biggest gripe is had the job centre made reasonable ajustments to my job search id not be in such a mess. Still i plod on the JSA merry go round with to be fair quite a good advisor. Maybe one reason i dont rock the boat trying for ESA at present even though i no that no one will employ me.
  6. Really good read and so much i can relate to except having the stomach for the fight that Max has shown. Wish i had that in me. A few things is when claiming JSA the minimum required steps to find employment is 3 a week. Think Max's advisor has been harsh with the 10 jobs and 90 min travel. I have my commitment form for look in local paper, Get help on computer searching for work and look in shop window/notice boards for pt time 16+ hrs a week 30 min traveling time. None of this scatter gun approach. Might apply for 3-4 jobs a week max. Similar to max whilst there maybe something i can do due to being unreliable as chronic pain flairs up no emploer will touch you once the application is filled in as they ask about medical history and any disabilities/medications. Hopefully all is well with Max and he comes back to update us on his journey through what is a flawed system.
  7. Still jumping through hoops to get JSA even though i no ill not get a propper job. The car/bus journey to job centre puts me in a foul mood as even sitting for that period i get horrible pains in my thigh that tend to last 3+ days. Reffered pain due to degenarative disc im guessing. Rsi still bad. Typing here using pens to tap the keys. My advisor who is usually good was off with me the other day and having chronic pain you feel like crap enough and a faliure so didnt need her banging on how ive basically got the whole world in my hands. who she kidding id not employ me so how im expected to sell myself. Really frustrating when my advisor said about her shoulder pain thats killing yet she gets round it. If i could over ride my pain signals i would and in the past i have as i worked for 4 yrs with chronic back pain and changed jobs to try keep going. See my doc who said keep going until its to much. Did that and its the worse thing i ever did as never been right since. So frustrated as pain management programmes help get you going again but its not real life. Chronic pain is like a bully you can never escape and feels like a fight you cant win. I except it but i just wish the advisors understood what seems like nothing is a major hurdle for me and if i start a flair up its game over and back on the anti depresents. Also if they could show me a job that needs someone who can pace themselves im there man. At home if i need to rest i can rest at work they want you to be reliable hard working everything that chronic pain takes away from you. Pretty peed off so was either write a little on here or ring samarratans and they are busy enough.
  8. See the DEA yesterday. Shambles of a place. My appointmet got changed the day b4 by phone i turn up at the new agreed time and the DEA is still a good 30-45 min late. In the end ive decided agsinst PIP id feel a fraud. I recently changed to Tumeric capsules basically a natural anti inflam. Any how i think they are helping as ive cut down on my meds. Maybe the warmer weather is helping as well as it usually does. We had a little chat bout whats been going on and what i want to do in the future. After that she tries to book me in for another appointment and i kid you not my advisor and the DEA are both booked up so i have to do a employability coarse in 2 weeks so i can get signed. Cant wait .
  9. Looked on here about the criteria for pip. I dont see how i would qualify. I struggle on computers. Soon as i start i get sharp pains and it the effects day to day stuff. I see the DEA again next week as the last meeting was a shambles so will see what comes of that.
  10. Thanks for the reply Micky[/b ] So as expected seeing the DEA was pointless. She was running over 30 min late and i was fuming. Partly their fault for being in a meeting and partly not as computers were on a go slow. Bring back pen and paper i say. Any how in short she suggested i try for PIP. Not sure what she had been smoking as surely i have no chance of getting PIP ?. I have pretty bad RSI and struggle using computers on a regular basis. Think she only suggested PIP as after being suggested to buy software i said how am i expected to pay. See on here PIP is 16+ pg long so they will want to no the ins and outs of everything. I see the DEA in 2 weeks time as the appointment was a bit of a shambles. In short is it worth trying for PIP as i just dont think id qualify i just was a new job search agreement that means im not job searching on the computers all the time.
  11. So i see the DEA ( disability employment advisor) wednesday and no doubt will look to try and change my agreement. Anyone no what the minimum requirement is for job searching. Using the lap top repeatedly will no doubt flare up my hands/ arm with RSI. I live in a village a good 15 mile from town so traveling to towns handing out Cv's etc im not so keen on either as will eat into my budget. Been signed off by the doc for another 2 months so will need to make a decision regarding ESA which i very much doubt id get anyway. Any advice/help is much appreciated.
  12. Seems like we need to no the rules and point things out to them. When i pulled my advisor up on stuff you get the blah blah blah i aint trained for that but the DEA is. Booked in to see the DEA and to say she is hopeless is a understatement. I no there is not a hope in hell ill hold down 16hrs a week work as with that you have travel time etc. On numerous pain meds that seem to help when they want. With pain as you no comes other stuff like mental well being. I no im on the edge and thankful i have my dogs to keep me going but at times its so flipping hard. Used to do a physical job and since having to pack it in ive put on nearly 5 stone. Binge eating drinking lack of motivation to do my streches/exercise that the pain clinics advise. I'm resigned to playing the game and being on JSA but knowing im not fit for work. I will if need be rock up to interviews with back belt on. Wrist supports and full of meds so will be drowsy. System is a joke and its only when your in it you realise how bad it is. My neighbour gets disability yet she can go out on the bus 4-5 days a week. So bad she gets chemist to deliver to her. She is currently working on her garden with her brother who also claims to have severe fits yet i see him out daily with 2 big boxer dogs. Sometimes it just seems so upside down and the honest dont get what they are entitled to. Hope you have the strengh to fight for what you deserve.
  13. Got a appointment through to see the DEA for 4 weeks time. Cant wait for that as ive found her in short hopeless in the past. Making comments such as having similar with the chronic pain yet she just adapts. If only it was so easy. Plus the dragon software she advised but no help with paying for. Am in to minds if to make a complaint about my work coach and the DEA as my RSI would never have got as bad as it is had they used the reasonable ajustment rule or simply put help me when i said how much i was struggling. Anyway just wondered if others who have made complaints has it helped or did it make things worse as i certainly dont want them on my back as to be fair my normal advisor is pretty good apart from the lack of support for the RSI. On the flip side id not like for someone to end up like me and riddled with RSI. A bit of good news though the physio was right about the rotator cuff muscles and doing the exercises it continues to improve.
  14. Signed off by the doc for a month depression and hand pain. JCP have put me on EPS extended period of sickness. Doc continues to play about with my meds. Me id rather have a scan and find out if def RSI as getting shoulder and neck pain. Sometimes it makes me doubt myself and as others manage to carry on there daily lives but i simply cant. A RSI charity has said he would help me fill in a ESA form and reading various things im not sure id score the 15pts so is it worth the hassle ? I also have leg and back pain which is playing up as meds are being meddled with. Could i sit or stand at a work station for a period of time ( sometimes yes sometimes no as i get sharp pains down my leg and i tend to lay on the floor. Frustrated to say the least hense being on here again.
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