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  1. Sorry...that was more of a typo than not paying attention. I did understand what you meant on the signature as I had seen pdf of one on another thread.
  2. I realise that, this is why I'm trying to get as much done now as is possible now... but it isn't seamless so I will need some guidance from you guys. Ok on the landowner signature will look out for that. Seen a few BW WS posted, I'm assuming they are fairly generic in there content given their general standard of letter and content. First thing this weekend is to read POFA, although it doesn't really matter to much on this as its before 1st Oct 2012..I think its wise to have a good understanding of it...especially if the 2015 PCN moves on Just going back to my WS, apart from the Statement itself, photos, documents on other cases I have briefly mentioned, do I put down a brief description of events. Its 5 1/2 years ago a lot of water under the bridge...so my argument can only be whoever was the driver bought or attempted to buy a ticket and therefore it could only be that the machines were not working, printed in-correctly & was not picked up on, the registration was not put in correctly, or the camera doubled up on our entry / exit...2 trips into the car park. ?
  3. Not defeatist at all, just mindful that this is a big learning curve...and Ive more than enough on my plate at the moment with other stuff and I'm trying to stop my wife from secretly paying it off.... Did you get my PM ?
  4. My slight worry is the timeline on the 2012 one, ignored all the letters and never appealed, so I assume if I show a timeline of the correspondence it would start from BW's involvement. I realise it is Pre POFA and that they cannot legally go after the Keeper, they will of course know this but I'm assuming once they see my WS & the mention of it..they and the Judge will know they haven't a leg to stand on. As ive said Brad Met have confirmed they don't have P.P on the signage, but don't go far enough to say they've done anything about it, and there is an email from Sport Direct Asset Manager on that site commenting on Excel aggressive behaviour..although I'm not sure how if that is 100% legit. So my court pack would include All BW / EXCEL correspondence My correspondence Timeline WS Photos I'm not sure if the signage would have changed after 1st October 2012, is it worth saying they were different even if I'm not sure ? Another question, how exactly does the Court work. Do we both make a statement to the Judge and she makes a decision off that plus the WS ?
  5. Agreed. ...I took a lot of the comments "they will go away...willy waving" too literally and did nothing in between. Although you guys aren't professionals you've certainly good a good number of years start on most of us. Hence the need of guidance. .because there really is a right and wrong way to go about this. Please don't stop the assistance at this stage.
  6. Fixate...I wasn't really. It was the 1st thread I'd found at the Retail park same as us. Yes trying to find that out...
  7. Just been trolling the Web, found this...same location as me and they lost. Would appreciate Site Team to take a look through the thread and see where the mistakes where made...or is it just a Judge with little understanding http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5475090#topofpage
  8. Yep...think its the 2nd time they've told me that. New to this but I'm staggered by their detachment from the truth and the law. Haha...just noticed the re-hashed pdf title...excellent.
  9. Just got home to this...looks like I'm not entitled to anything so say BW Legal BW Contract sectret brush off.pdf
  10. Ok thanks, done a lot of scouring of other threads and I know its not seamless and my understanding of the laws is poor at best...so apologies for any inconvenience caused. A bit brief, others I have seen have been of a similar length, but I will go with your direction. No, its not my intention to make gain out of this, I..she just wants it to go away
  11. eb...not sure if your still on with the WS, but I've given it another go. It reads not bad to me (but what do I know), not sure if I should mention the phone calls...your comments much appreciated If any of you guys on here could give me a hand with this please...as I say, my wife is already for paying this & I'm sure you guys don't want that..just need help now seeing this one home please. Doc1.docx cav bw.130117.pdf
  12. Wife just called to say we have received letter from the court, acknowledging receipt of our defence and they have forwarded to BW & they now have 28 days to respond...will put up as a PDF later when I get home. eb...did you have chance to look at the WS you said you would prepare I've had another go, after finding a thread very similar to mine, but at the Peel Centre...bit wary on putting anything up now. But I really want to be prepared for what could come, so want WS & perhaps timeline of event Its strange but a lot of the threads only seem to go upto a certain stage, assume a lot of people waiting for court hearing or even mediation if they have chosen that route.
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