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  1. In January of this year, I was hit by another car that drove between two lanes of traffic to overtake me from the left. The car pulled out in from to me, lifting my car off the ground and damaging the front side panel and bumper. In doing so they damaged all of the side of their car. Their damage to their car starts at the top higher up and then drops down. There were no witnesses to the accident , but there are photographs of the damage, which I believe support my case. The other driver has claimed that I overtook them from the right, in doing so that I mounted a raised diver between separating me from traffic coming from the opposite direction. I do not think that the evidence supports this. However Aviva are now saying that the want to settle this as a no fault claim, unless I can provide a witness of CCTV evidence, which I can't. Worse still, the are implying that may settle the claim in favour of the other driver, unless I accept this. I have indicated that I am not willing to and would be happy to go to court on the matter. Any advice please ?
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