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  1. Yeah I know, anyway thank you very much for helping me
  2. Well, according to the statement they sent, last payment was made on the 27/03/2009
  3. Not my address, no I've also check my credit file and I couldn't find anything
  4. dx] I don't understand, what do you mean
  5. If you take a look at one of drydensfairfax letter they recently wrote to me about the account been close and an apology for the inconcenience, you can tell me. I'm not entertaining them, i just need a letter to write to them to stop all these, because i don't know where all these is coming from
  6. I had a loan with Halifax about 7 years ago The agrement is from Hilifax not Lloyds
  7. Thank you so much I do not have a loan with Lloyds bank
  8. Hello Everyone, It all bagan when i received a letter from drydeensfairfax solicitors dated 29 February 2016 in regards to debt owed to Lloyds Banking Group. They said they are acting on behalf of Capquest investments Limited for an outstanding amount of £23926.23, i've enclosed all correspondence between me and them to help you guys understand, as i do not have very good education to be able to write very well. The Account number from the solicitors and the account number from capquest are different, the CCA sent is from Hailfax insted of Lloyds Bank, and the statement had no letter head to show where they came from. Any help will be appreciated Thank you guys. docs1 .pdf
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