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  1. I didn't no that about the oil wow, but if that oil was new then im shocked because it's black as black and smells like old oil to me. the wheel alignment you need to read the thread from the start really. the car has never had any alignment problems and drove fantastic until it came of their lifting jack and its clear from the end result that they was trying to get me to pay for tracking that was not needed, kwik fit in Worthing put the alignment right using a hunter machine and told me the from right was way way off, half way into the red. and that my tyres would have worn down faster and unevenly. now going back to Horsham when they took my tyres of they was worn nice and evenly. I will be doing the oil change myself in the future and if i need tyres or anything outside my ability i will have my local mechanic do the work.
  2. I've since found out my oil was not changed. Had some friends around and we was talking about how bad the Horsham branch was and my friend just happens to look at the dipstick and he said "thought you had an oil change" i said i did then he showed me the oil on the dip stick and it was black as hell and smelt like burnt oil. I phoned the Horsham branch up and spoke with the manager, He said 2 things to me about my oil and steering wheel alignment, He said "In a diesel car the oil turns black as soon as you start the car and the steering wheel not now straight inline with the car can be because of my tyres where worn differently that the new ones that went on". This is different to what 99% of everyone else has told me and this even includes Worthing Kwik Fit, who are very good and i wish went there at the start or to my local mechanic.
  3. After i complained to KF Customer care i had a phone call 2 days later saying i can take my car in for a wheel alignment check and he said "the Horsham branch has problems with their machine so i can wait or go to another branch," So i chose Worthing as its easy to get to and i have a sister there. He went on to say that "i can ensure you that no funny business went on at Horsham." But he will say this however i don't see how he can ensure anything. he was not there and computer data is only as good as the input. Anyway Worthing re aligned the car at no charge.
  4. Actually i do have some proof thinking about it because i have the print out from Horsham before they messed with my car and my tyre wear was as follows Tyre wear and depth Front Right: Inside 6mm / Center 5mm / Outside 5mm Front Left: Inside 4mm / Center 4mm / Outside 4mm I also have the print out of my wheel alignment before and after from Worthing KF and its way off and would have a completely different tyre wear to the original Horsham printout. So i emailed Trading Standards and attached documents and this is the result. So i now see why people don't bother to complain, the run around that goes with it. "West Sussex Trading StandardsConsumer advice for West Sussex residents is provided by the Citizens Advice Consumer Service (CACS) which is a specialist service set up specifically to support you by way of self help advice and information. They can be contacted on the following telephone number 03454 040506. If you have internet access you can seek advice from the Advice Guide web site at link. You will also find on the site a considerable amount of very helpful information which includes guidance leaflets, standard letters and links to other sources of information all of which is designed to help you solve your problem."
  5. My proof is ? my word against there's? I have both invoices now, But i don't see how it could prove anything either way. if i had a mechanics report before i took the car to KF then ya, But i think they will just say the car was bad when it came in and how could i prove it any other way? I don't want to waste all my time chasing these for nothing. But if you think it would really make a difference then i will. and thanks for the advice.
  6. Yes i can imagine, they have got away with so much for so long, they think they are above the law and in some ways they are, just like all big corporate companies they can do what they want with the public. lesson learned here now they will never get me again and i will be sure to pass on how bad they are. different branches will give different results and i'm sure if i had gone to KF Worthing i would probably have been ok, But that Horsham branch needs to be investigated.
  7. on the invoice it has oil filter oil change 2 tyres 2 valves 2 balance 2 tyres disposal 2 bulbs none of the above should have put my wheel alignment out. and every mechanic i've spoke to say the same. "STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM KWIK FIT"
  8. Spot on mate. its what's happened. I took the car into another kwik fit branch and they used a hunter machine to show the wheel alignment and the front right was way way off so they checked all wheel balances and realigned the fronts and now the car (fiesta mk6 07 plate) can drive down a straight road with the steering wheel at 12 oclock position again instead of 10 oclock. Horsham Kwik Fit is as corrupt as hell and i will never be going there again. I'm still ****ed that them animals at Horsham can do this to my car. like i say it drove fantastic until they changed two tyres. In the future i will use my local garage and give them some business. Worthing Kwik Fit were very helpful though so credit were credits due.
  9. No i haven't and can't afford to.
  10. 1) car had MOT on 3rd March (do they check tracking? i don't know) the car drove perfect and it had new tyres on so why would they check it? tracking was fine by how it drove. 2) I brought the car 8th march 3) I drove the car about 30 miles then i booked it into kwik fit for oil change and to fix a slow puncture. (puncture was on the NSR) !! 4) The car drove lovely nice and straight 12 oclock steering wheel no wobble no knocking. 5) after kwik fit the car is awful to drive and has a 10 oclock steering position while going on a straight road. I'm not a mechanic so its the best i can describe it. I now need another day of work just to phone and see if i can get the car back in for rework. can they even be trusted not to make things worse? wish i never went there in the first place.
  11. I didn't ask for the tracking to be touched. I just wanted a tyre change and some oil. so why touch the tracking? The car has only just had a MOT the tracking was fine and i never asked for anyone to touch it, so for them to mess with it and then try and charge me to have it centred again should be a criminal offence.
  12. This is what i was unsure about changing a tyre would it make the steering wheel one sided, it also feels different in turning and seems like it wanders like i have to much toe in or something. The car was as straight as a dime when i took it in and the steering wheel was 12oclock lovely to drive. This should be a criminal offence. I have no one that can look at it for me i could only ask that they put it back as it was and hope they do. I've made a compliant to kwik fit complaints department via their website and will also use the CEO email provided here by old cogger. thanks guy's and hope they do the right thing.
  13. I took a real nice car that drove fantastic in for just an oil change and a new tyre. I just wanted a basic oil and oil filter change, so i paid £49.99 online for the oil filter and oil change. I also wanted a slow puncture sorted, so I took the car in and after being told I needed four tyres and the tracking was out, I said no way mate this car has only just had its MOT like 30 miles ago, so how can this be true? So he said: “well it needs one done as its got the inside popping out and he showed me and the tyre was good as new but it did have something in the tread so I agreed he could replace two tyres, so I took two new tyres at a cost of £140 for two new budget tyres and a number plate bulb that he said was a milky colour and another that worked sometimes but not all the time. I thought okay they know best, but I left with a car that could no longer drive straight (steering wheel no longer centre). The car is no longer driving straight, why and how could this happen on a tyre change? I wish I never took the car into kwik fit. I’m not sure my car is even legal now, the steering wheel is at a 10 o’clock position when i’m going straight!!! I’m gutted, I’ve given good money to them. I’m going to trading standards about this and will post as many reviews as I can regarding this (tracking cheat) that kwik fit seem to do, also the extra parts that kwik fit always seem to add. I’m not going to let this lie, I cannot afford this sort of cheat and it needs to be exposed. They have made my car horrible to drive and maybe even against the law to take on the road?
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