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  1. the property is only owned by me and only me on current mortgage i will contact santander and say i want an answer about it if something does come up can i go back to court and ask for an installment plan to remove the charge if there is something there i owe it so more than happy to pay it, just cant get any more credit until its off
  2. just contacted santander and say my details are on file but with no accounts and i have to write to them now just bought a copy of land registry and it states (26.04.2006) Equitable charge created by an interim charging order of the Cambridge County Court dated 11 April 2006 in favour of Alliance & Leicester Personal Finance Limited. because its interim do i have to go back to court to get it removed as no final charging order on it many thanks for all the help
  3. How do I contact a&l as I thought they are gone and the details on the charging order are no longer there/phone is dead
  4. Still outstanding but have not had any contact since other than 1 statement from santander 4-5 years ago and contacting them highlights no accounts with them
  5. Hi i wonder if you could help/guide me I have a charging order on my property for £10,750 from 2006, it was applied by alliance and leciester for a 10k loan I took out for my exgirlfriend (girlfriend at the time) for her parents company and they couldn't get credit they had the money in 2004 and ended up not affording it and missed payments and I couldn't afford it or get credit so it ended up a charging order as I buried me head in the sand as was only 20-21 I never knew what it was at the time, I am now trying to get a bigger mortgage before moving and this
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