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  1. I have now sent a letter that reads like this: Dear Sir or Madam, In November/December 2015 I cancelled my direct debit with your company as I no longer use, or have used, the gym in Newcastle-Under-Lyme for several months. I signed up for a 12-month contract in March/April 2014 and while I was there, the member of staff who I signed up with, told me I could cancel the direct debit any time after this period with no penalties. I now realise I should have paid a final month’s fee as a notice period and I am willing to pay two months’ fees, at £9.99 each or £19.98 overall as a g
  2. I just stopped the direct debit through online banking, on the assumption that the staff member at X4L was being helpful when he said I could cancel membership anytime after the 12 months by cancelling the DD. I wasn't told I needed to hand in or give any notice other than that after the 12 month period was up.
  3. I recently returned home from University and had received a letter from CRS stating that I owe a total amount of £207.47 after their fees of £102.50 have been added as a result of ignoring previous letters, none of which I have received. They are not at my term time address nor my home address. I did have a 12 month contract with X4L which I believe started in March/April 2014 and was told I could end membership anytime after this 12 month period by cancelling my direct debit payments by the staff member I signed up with. I cancelled the direct debit in approximately November/December 20
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