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  1. I thought they abolished the Work Programme ? How can this STILL be going on ? They are worse then useless, no idea how to help the unemployed with their outdated offices and lies... I've been able to put off singing on for Universal Credit for at least another month but last time I had finished the two year sentence on the WP... PLEASE don't say they'll send me back there again! Is this nationwide? Do they still have it in Scotland ? Surely not!
  2. Thanks for the reply essexmat, very lucky to get one who wasn't in the know... What are the regs in relation to using UJM? as I said previously I did this and gave them access, sat at the PC for approx 35 hours and it was a total waste of my time as the lady didn't even look at the screen... I had time stamps and screenshots and everything...grrr! Is there anything I can print off to show them as I don't know if I can stand up for myself in such a heated situation. I used to print off all my job search with highlighted replays/ follow-ups etc. I intend to do the same again as I actually spent hours and hours... not to mention endless printer paper and ink on the sheets. I still have a huge bundle and was thinking of taking them along to show the prospected 'work coach' incase any arguments start regarding my job searching technique. The amount highlighted replays was an eye opener for the amount of employers who actually get back to applicants... Maybe 1 out of every 10 jobs... I'm thinking I may just wait till the New Year due to personal circumstances, things are up in the air right now... The budget news is a breakthrough though, five weeks is better.
  3. Hi, thanks very much for the reply essexmat! Back when I was on JSA I already did a 35hour job search... not even joking! I mean I literally sat there for 5 hours per day 7 days a week for over 3 months (last on my JSA claim) and it was pointless - the same jobs, the same employers who never get back you... Won't be doing it again! The woman didn't even look on the Universal Job Match account... it was a total waste of my time! I used to print off my job search with all my email applications and highlight all the ones I'd applied for, being almost all of them that way it's in black and white and no-one could ever sanction me. I'd colour them differently for reply/ no hear back etc. as looking at a list of applications without seemed to send the poor JCP workers head spinning... I did get one section from the WP provider as I missed one appointment, was my bday that day... Never missed another one after that i'll tell you! I was close to another sanction but the guy forgot to write 'you need to attend a mandatory appointment' blurb on the letter so I was awarded my money, just before Xmas that year too, so was lucky! So it's still a case of seeing someone in the JCP office and showing them the work you've done to find work? Well that's different to what i've been hearing... Is it different in different regions or a case od 'one rule for all'? Sorry you didn't get on so well with it essexmat, I am dreading it even more now...
  4. After a long absence from benefits I'll be starting a new claim for Universal Credit in the next few days. Just a brief history: I was on the old Work Programme with Ingeus for the full 2 years - towards the end I was placed on the ESA assessment phase having been on JSA only and didn't have to attend the office anymore... Shortly after I ended the claim to pursue a new opportunity and that's where I've been for over a year and a bit. Now having to go back to relying on benefits is a difficult thought and I have no idea what's changed. I have no clue if my local office is still open, I know most claims are now dealt with by phone only... I think that's right? I've heard DWP offices are closing down all over the country so what does this mean for a claimant and how do they check your doing all you can to find work? Can anyone fill me in on what's changed and what'll happen when I sign up... very nervous about it as I never actually thought I'd go back into the system... I was on antidepressants before and looking for job didn't help much with my mental health. Having not worried about work strictly speaking for over a year I am quite anxious regarding all these changes and what it could mean for my family.
  5. I was on ESA like you OP and they tried every which way to get me into the building - sending threatening letters and false appointments was just the start. It was a nightmare and made my depression far worse! I had gone through about 4 different advisors and the last one let slip that no-one liked the company or the way they treat people... that's when I went digging and found that Triage Central (scots company who deliver the WP for DWP/Ingeus) had several run-ins with the press, many previous clients all claiming shocking stories of abuse of their power, lying and even theft! Even employees turned on the them! They are despicable and as many have said they want to cash in on you as you're ESA and worth more money! Don't sign off - and make sure you tell them, under no circumstances do you need/have to apply for anything they say... it's all 99% bull*****. Even when you leave please send a No Contact letter informing them you want ALL YOUR DATA taken OFF the system. I did this and haven't been bothered - it's completely your choice and they have to honour it. Some people get bombarded with calls/ letters and emails asking how they've gotten on once leaving Ingeus... they are snooping and I wouldn't chance talking to them as they fiddle there records and could try to claim an outcome payment for doing feck all! Hello everyone:wave: My local Ingeus finally did move premises, not anywhere near my end time on the WP of course... was at least another month later... see they just wanted me to attend their office. I dread to think what might have happened had I caved and went in... So glad to be off this corrupt system! Thanks for all the advice again, antone and Mr.P
  6. The DNA Accessor, who you see at the beginning of your time with xxx [edit]- said to me: 'we'll get you in 3/4 times a week for help and support...' Erm ok but I have a faster PC at home, printer,scanner, email access etc? Can't I just do it there? They say no. WELL I printed off all my email contacts, job sites I was registered with, email partners & such. Took these along to my first meeting with JCP advisor week after induction WP meeting. Asked if it was mandatory to attend unto 4 times in a week. She was embarrassed and said yes sadly... After showing my 2 page list of contacts/registered sites she quickly changes her tune, started to type furiously and puts a note on my file 'attendance once every two weeks!' - ha ha result! These are the tactics to watch out for early on with your xxx [edit] - they always test clients to see how much you'll kick up a fuss, especially this [edit] I was with! Please see the above for my tactic to avoid number 2. I wouldn't be surprised if they have "changed" the rules , might be worth reading through posts by Mr.P or antone as they always have great advice. Good luck, thank god I've escaped now - I'd be suicidal if I still had to attend that hell-hole!
  7. Hey, does anyone know if the final ESA payment is issued 2 weeks in arrears? I closed my ESA claim on Tuesday 19th, having got my payment this week on Monday 18th July. Is this my last payment? My doctors certificate ran out on the 19th too. I know with JSA you get the final payment on the next payment date as you normally would, so 2 weeks later. Or now more commonly within 5 working days. The advisor on the phone didn't mention the usual "you'll get any money due within 5 working days..." so I figure I won't get anything. Any help is appreciated, Thanks! EDIT: I went from JSA to ESA, never had any gaps in med certs etc. if this is of any use...
  8. Well I had to phone them in order to close my ESA claim the other day. Normally I'd be on hold for at least an hour but within 15 minutes I was transferred to the call operator! Couldn't believe my luck! Within 5 mins my claim was closed and the conversation was over. So about 20 minutes all told. Thank god I never need to hear that ridiculous holding tune again! By far the shortest I'd ever spent when dealing with them on the phone. Last time I phoned I got a very snarky operator, when I inquired about my sick note status, he relied 'NOPE NOT RECEIVED!" I was very worried as it was likely to be my last one and I thought surely they'll leave it till now to mess it up!... I'm glad I'm no longer claiming, sending & worrying about sick notes & awaiting these medicals is torture for people. .. no point in me even attending as anxiety and depression never get ESA full award. .. I know it would just turn into an session and my quality life is getting better as I've left this corrupt system...
  9. I've read it's someone who hasn't even met you while on the work Programme that does the exit report... I'm not bothered tbh. They are out of my life & hopefully soon go bust. The Scottish firm I was with have a very shady reputation... they were trying to get people already in work to sign up with cash bonus of £100 - then use their employment details to gain a government payout... I actually only started to research their shady activities after my last "advisor" let slip - 'I know no-one likes this company...' Here's what I've found: (I) They fiddle their books to make it look as if they are getting the required amount of people back into employment. Their true success rate is dismal... (II) They have been investigated for fraud, Insulting the sick and disabled, lifting clients signatures from the sign-in book, claiming bogus outcome payments. Bogus sanctions raised. Also investigated for "parking" disabled & mentally challenged people as their deemed too difficult to place. (III) Repeated cases involving clients rights to remove consent being denied/withheld with threatening remarks/letters about future benefit sanctions... (IV) Many clients complaining of lies being told to them about new DWP "rules" - I've seen this in action! One guy made up new stuff every time I attended ie: JCP & DWP say Client MUST apply for a role that xxx pimpo have available. As you can imagine at first this caused havoc at group sessions with people signing up to any old tosh job they had going... then after a few weeks people just sat there quiet, saying nowt as this same "advisor" went through their "specially selected" roles. Clients were asking at their local JCP offices about these changes and were obviously told the truth straight from the organ grinder... if in doubt ask the boss, not the whipping boy! (V) Lying advisors, another one I've had the misfortune of having. Cases where phantom jobs appear, fake appointment letters being sent out, told to dumb down CVs & that giving them one is mandatory, told consent to share is mandatory, told that courses are mandatory, told all future appointments are mandatory, told you have to attend 3 times a week! - bloody big fat lie that one was. The DNA Accessor, who you see at the beginning of your time with xxx pimpo - said to me: 'we'll get you in 3/4 times a week for help and support...' Erm ok but I have a faster PC at home, printer,scanner, email access etc? Can't I just do it there? They say no. WELL I printed off all my email contacts, job sites I was registered with, email partners & such. Took these along to my first meeting with JCP advisor week after induction WP meeting. Asked if it was mandatory to attend unto 4 times in a week. She was embarrassed and said yes sadly... After showing my 2 page list of contacts/registered sites she quickly changes her tune, started to type furiously and puts a note on my file 'attendance once every two weeks!' - ha ha result! These are the tactics to watch out for early on with your xxx pimpo - they always test clients to see how much you'll kick up a fuss, especially this pimpo I was with! That's the stuff I've ready/seen thus far. Honestly with the staff's attitude, barebones supplies and dingy office... not to mention redundancies gallore! they really do belong in the toilet bowel.... I'm gonna keep an eye on them as it's only so long before they get swallowed by a bigger fish...
  10. Well I've officially been off there books for a few weeks now! Thank god no more letters or demands from them... it was honestly the most depressing time. Yet low and behold I sent my 'removal of consent' letter on my last week of attendance with them. Not so much for removing consent as for them to take the hint to NEVER freaking contact me again. The office wasn't open, so the letter got sent back to the depot. Waited a week and sent re-delivery notice with Royal Mail and it go there singed for... curious they were supposed to be shutting up shop and moving to an inner city location... the amount of letters I got saying 'we need to talk with you about the move to blah blah'... proves it was just MORE LIES! If I was a violent person I'd be down there with a baseball bat ready to pan in the windows... these people are just the rats of our society. If I had to do it all over again - the 2 years of hell - I'd be recording all meetings, keeping every scrap of evidence I had of their misconduct & reporting the two "advisors" who lied repeatedly to me. One of whom had the laughably inept thought of saying - 'Did you see that man coming in here! that man called me a liar! WHY would he do that?!'.... I stared them blankly in the face with a wry smile... thinking 'well sweetie, because you ARE a ****ing liar...' I'm so sorry for anyone still in their clutches, it's so depressing & horrific to be held under these conditions. In short : Believe nothing they tell you, it's 99.9% made up ****e. I was also reading the employee reviews for INGEUS on Glassdoor and oh boy there are some bad ones! My favourite one was titled : 'Yipppeee I've escaped, crack open the champers!' - That's just how I feel now too
  11. It's still going but more offices are under closure. I finish soon, this last stretch has been the worst as they hounded me to attend... Doesn't help anyone on ESA, thankfully this forum has been great and I've followed advice given by members. Next year, if they get their way there'll be "health advisors" appointed to the WP... I honestly dread to think...
  12. I'd guess they'll slip in a form requesting GP's details whenever a client enrolls onto the Programme. Back at my induction I could see quite a few people scouring the forms in detail, others however happily signed away all their rights to data protection... When anyone questioned anything on these forms, the reply was always "it's mandatory that you sign, we own you now!"... Lying Puckers! Hopefully these plans will never come to anything. Intruding on the confidential GP/Patient relationship is bad enough but this could give WP providers another reason to gain a sanction/raised doubt... i.e.: no doctors note for one days missed appointment? Doubt raised = Sanctioned! Then the client would have to go through the appeals process, taking up more time while they struggle financially, meaning WP could put more pressure on them to take one of their 'opportunities'. It's all about who has the power. Many clients are still unaware of the rights and power that they have over WP providers. Thankfully sites like these have been spreading the word.
  13. Headless chickens? lol! They have so much paperwork to do, possibly explains why there are so many errors in the letters they send to clients... I once had a letter sent with the "You didn't make your last app, so we have arranged a new app time/day for you"... I was puzzled as I attend every app with them, phoned the 'advisor' and in fairness they did apologise that it was a mistake. Still this is what I mean by mind games. I hear next year there'll be "health advisors" appointed to each WP... & they can contact your GP too... god help anyone still attending at that time. Taking health advice from Ingeus/A4E/WL? I think not...
  14. Are you on JSA? because it sounds like moving to ESA might be a better fit for you. I'd ask to be put on ESA for a month. In terms of JSA, you'll be put into the EPS or extended Period of Sickness, meaning you won't attend at the JC or any mandated courses because of your condition. Most GP's might even suggest moving to ESA if your struggling with issues for anxiety/depression. Talk to a GP & explain your situation they are always there to listen. In my experience the ESA staff at JC are far more likeable & understanding then those on the JSA frontline. But then the JSA staff have seen it all so... Besides this there's no reasonable point in repeating the same course again.
  15. To begin with I actually gave them the benefit of the doubt despite knowing a guy who took a job as a zero hours cleaner, just to get away from them. He has dyslexia and they, possibly deliberately, sent him the wrong days/times for his appointments. Whenever he showed up they claimed it was the wrong day/time and he was sanctioned many times... At first I was very enthusiastic & it did give me a kick up the booty. Had many interviews and new re-gained focus... until the lies started. Then the manipulation and mind games... and finally the hounding. Pretty much all the staff from the first time I attend are no longer at the centre, just a few stragglers left hanging on. Almost anything I was told by them I queried at the JCP, often to be told ' Erm no! who told you that?' when i replied it was a WP advisor they'd just roll their eyes and say 'Oh that lot?' Our JCP know they are useless, I've seen a lot of people still accessing the PCs for mandated Job Searches meaning they must have come back from being on WP and mandated to access the internet in the JC. It's a sad state of affairs. Probably some of them are dregs but I bet they weren't in the slightest on Ingeus radar... they only look at those able to make them the ££££. During my time there though I found the majority of the people genuinely wanted to find employment & most were doing all the could to get themselves back into work. People also supported each other, quite a few times I was going to accept a role only for someone else on the programme to say "really going to take that job? it won't last/not contracted... don't do it" to this WP folks would be angry and snarling under their breath... At least the clients helped each other! In short my time was wasted (so many late appointments with an advisor who was NEVER on time) & I have gained nothing except more anxious & unhappy. Could say it's been a contributory factor to my current status & well being. Ingeus don't care, not about clients, their lives and any genuine barriers they have to getting back into the working world. They just want money for "their part" in finding a job for you... even when it's totally useless, below your skill level, likely to leave you financially worse off & destitute... so long as they get a bonus and payout from DWP. System a shambles, Press the destruct button Please!
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