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  1. I thought they abolished the Work Programme ? How can this STILL be going on ? They are worse then useless, no idea how to help the unemployed with their outdated offices and lies... I've been able to put off singing on for Universal Credit for at least another month but last time I had finished the two year sentence on the WP... PLEASE don't say they'll send me back there again! Is this nationwide? Do they still have it in Scotland ? Surely not!
  2. Thanks for the reply essexmat, very lucky to get one who wasn't in the know... What are the regs in relation to using UJM? as I said previously I did this and gave them access, sat at the PC for approx 35 hours and it was a total waste of my time as the lady didn't even look at the screen... I had time stamps and screenshots and everything...grrr! Is there anything I can print off to show them as I don't know if I can stand up for myself in such a heated situation. I used to print off all my job search with highlighted replays/ follow-ups etc. I intend to do the same again as I actually
  3. Hi, thanks very much for the reply essexmat! Back when I was on JSA I already did a 35hour job search... not even joking! I mean I literally sat there for 5 hours per day 7 days a week for over 3 months (last on my JSA claim) and it was pointless - the same jobs, the same employers who never get back you... Won't be doing it again! The woman didn't even look on the Universal Job Match account... it was a total waste of my time! I used to print off my job search with all my email applications and highlight all the ones I'd applied for, being almost all of them that way it's in black and wh
  4. After a long absence from benefits I'll be starting a new claim for Universal Credit in the next few days. Just a brief history: I was on the old Work Programme with Ingeus for the full 2 years - towards the end I was placed on the ESA assessment phase having been on JSA only and didn't have to attend the office anymore... Shortly after I ended the claim to pursue a new opportunity and that's where I've been for over a year and a bit. Now having to go back to relying on benefits is a difficult thought and I have no idea what's changed. I have no clue if my local office is still ope
  5. I was on ESA like you OP and they tried every which way to get me into the building - sending threatening letters and false appointments was just the start. It was a nightmare and made my depression far worse! I had gone through about 4 different advisors and the last one let slip that no-one liked the company or the way they treat people... that's when I went digging and found that Triage Central (scots company who deliver the WP for DWP/Ingeus) had several run-ins with the press, many previous clients all claiming shocking stories of abuse of their power, lying and even theft! Even empl
  6. The DNA Accessor, who you see at the beginning of your time with xxx [edit]- said to me: 'we'll get you in 3/4 times a week for help and support...' Erm ok but I have a faster PC at home, printer,scanner, email access etc? Can't I just do it there? They say no. WELL I printed off all my email contacts, job sites I was registered with, email partners & such. Took these along to my first meeting with JCP advisor week after induction WP meeting. Asked if it was mandatory to attend unto 4 times in a week. She was embarrassed and said yes sadly... After showing my 2 page list of contacts/regi
  7. Hey, does anyone know if the final ESA payment is issued 2 weeks in arrears? I closed my ESA claim on Tuesday 19th, having got my payment this week on Monday 18th July. Is this my last payment? My doctors certificate ran out on the 19th too. I know with JSA you get the final payment on the next payment date as you normally would, so 2 weeks later. Or now more commonly within 5 working days. The advisor on the phone didn't mention the usual "you'll get any money due within 5 working days..." so I figure I won't get anything. Any help is appreciated, Thanks! EDIT:
  8. Well I had to phone them in order to close my ESA claim the other day. Normally I'd be on hold for at least an hour but within 15 minutes I was transferred to the call operator! Couldn't believe my luck! Within 5 mins my claim was closed and the conversation was over. So about 20 minutes all told. Thank god I never need to hear that ridiculous holding tune again! By far the shortest I'd ever spent when dealing with them on the phone. Last time I phoned I got a very snarky operator, when I inquired about my sick note status, he relied 'NOPE NOT RECEI
  9. I've read it's someone who hasn't even met you while on the work Programme that does the exit report... I'm not bothered tbh. They are out of my life & hopefully soon go bust. The Scottish firm I was with have a very shady reputation... they were trying to get people already in work to sign up with cash bonus of £100 - then use their employment details to gain a government payout... I actually only started to research their shady activities after my last "advisor" let slip - 'I know no-one likes this company...' Here's what I've found: (I) They fiddle their books to m
  10. Well I've officially been off there books for a few weeks now! Thank god no more letters or demands from them... it was honestly the most depressing time. Yet low and behold I sent my 'removal of consent' letter on my last week of attendance with them. Not so much for removing consent as for them to take the hint to NEVER freaking contact me again. The office wasn't open, so the letter got sent back to the depot. Waited a week and sent re-delivery notice with Royal Mail and it go there singed for... curious they were supposed to be shutting up shop and moving to an inner city location...
  11. It's still going but more offices are under closure. I finish soon, this last stretch has been the worst as they hounded me to attend... Doesn't help anyone on ESA, thankfully this forum has been great and I've followed advice given by members. Next year, if they get their way there'll be "health advisors" appointed to the WP... I honestly dread to think...
  12. I'd guess they'll slip in a form requesting GP's details whenever a client enrolls onto the Programme. Back at my induction I could see quite a few people scouring the forms in detail, others however happily signed away all their rights to data protection... When anyone questioned anything on these forms, the reply was always "it's mandatory that you sign, we own you now!"... Lying Puckers! Hopefully these plans will never come to anything. Intruding on the confidential GP/Patient relationship is bad enough but this could give WP providers another reason to gain a sanction/raised doubt..
  13. Headless chickens? lol! They have so much paperwork to do, possibly explains why there are so many errors in the letters they send to clients... I once had a letter sent with the "You didn't make your last app, so we have arranged a new app time/day for you"... I was puzzled as I attend every app with them, phoned the 'advisor' and in fairness they did apologise that it was a mistake. Still this is what I mean by mind games. I hear next year there'll be "health advisors" appointed to each WP... & they can contact your GP too... god help anyone still attending at that time. Taking hea
  14. Are you on JSA? because it sounds like moving to ESA might be a better fit for you. I'd ask to be put on ESA for a month. In terms of JSA, you'll be put into the EPS or extended Period of Sickness, meaning you won't attend at the JC or any mandated courses because of your condition. Most GP's might even suggest moving to ESA if your struggling with issues for anxiety/depression. Talk to a GP & explain your situation they are always there to listen. In my experience the ESA staff at JC are far more likeable & understanding then those on the JSA frontline. But then the JSA staf
  15. To begin with I actually gave them the benefit of the doubt despite knowing a guy who took a job as a zero hours cleaner, just to get away from them. He has dyslexia and they, possibly deliberately, sent him the wrong days/times for his appointments. Whenever he showed up they claimed it was the wrong day/time and he was sanctioned many times... At first I was very enthusiastic & it did give me a kick up the booty. Had many interviews and new re-gained focus... until the lies started. Then the manipulation and mind games... and finally the hounding. Pretty much all the staff from the
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