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  1. Hi,


    I am after some advise, so I got offered s job in Australia from the UK. Basically the deal was they paid for my visa upfront and when I got to Australia and started work I would pay them back out of my salary weekly. I didn't even sign any contract regarding this. I went to visit the company in Australia on a recce before I packed up my belongings and family consisting of 3 children all under 5. When I got there the job wasn't the job that I was told and the manager was an idiot. 


    When I returned home I emailed the company explaining I won't be taking the job offer or the visa. They have told me I owe them £8500. So I have ignored them as I didn't sign anything regarding paying this back. 


    The Australian company have now passed on my details onto a debt collectors in the UK. Is this not breaching GDPR? They keep sending me letters that I keep ignoring, now I am on my final notice with interest adding each time?


    Any advice will be brilliant. 

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