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  1. Thanks for your reply. Yes I agree, 2 years probation is crazy. It actually says in my contract that its a year, but apparently that is an error. People have been to union over it and there is nothing they can do. The company I work for is a large, very well known company throughout the world, but they seem to do whatever they want. I know when I was sick last time, when I did my return to work I was told unofficially that if I was to be sick again it would go to a final written warning. In my contract it says I can get sick pay for 3 months, rather than the standard 6 months f
  2. Hi I really hope someone can advise me because I am so worried and stressed out. I have worked for a company for 4 years, but for the first 3 years with an in house agency, and almost a year ago I was given a contract, with 2 YEARS probation period. Which is apparently standard for this company. I was off sick in Oct last year due to flu. I am off sick again now due to severe stomach problems that I would rather not go into but my doctor has signed me off work for 2 weeks. I am on annual leave at the beginning of next week for 2 weeks. All being well I am due to go back to wor
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