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  1. Alright guys note taken, and letter has been ammended just one last question to ask, my brother also received a letter in regards to his 16+ oyster card how should I respond with this? Im guessing I should be honest as possible saying I used the card and apologise sincerely just like in my letter, I won't be mentioned how long for tho?
  2. Well.... I believe the email i've just wrritten and about to send off, has adequate information about what happened on that day and all they need to know if you want background on the information it is on the original post if u haven't read it thanks
  3. What do you mean by not good? erm well.. its the first letter I have received after being caught by the inspector JUST asking for my comments and background on the situation which I need to reply on the back of the letter
  4. Hi guys, could you guys read the letter and tell me if it is good to go? I will send it via email, Bearing in mind I am not trying to further incriminate myself in the letter so I only talked about the ONE instance I was caught with the card, although I have used the card for 8 months I just want to come clean and pay up tfl what I owe, but don't want a conviction at the same time and admit to something they are not asking for Yet I AM not trying to get away with this, only way to get through is to come clean with tfl "Dear Sir/Madam, On the (DATE), I was stopped by a Ticket inspector official on a London Bus who asked to see my ticket, unfortunately I had wrongfully scanned my brothers 16+ oyster card from my wallet. My little brother has the mental age of 3 and is not able to carry his own oyster and thus his oyster stays in my wallet. On this occasion, I wrongfully scanned his oyster card, in which my little brother was not present. I understand this is a big mistake on my behalf and I am deeply sorry for my error and will be sure for that to never happen again. I realise what I did was wrong and would like to pay the fine/monies owed to TFL as I am truly sorry. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that I am a law abiding person and this is the first instance in which I have made such a mistake in my life. I have no previous offences at all. The whole situation has left me quite distraught and I would appreciate the opportunity to settle the matter without court proceedings to avoid even further stress, wasting everyone’s time and resources, and incurring further costs. I openly apologise for my mistake and I earnestly believe that you would be kind enough to accept my apologies and reach an out of court settlement, having considered my unfortunate plight. Thank you for reading, and I hope to get this resolved soon. Regards, USER"
  5. Hey guys anyone know any good solicitors for fare evasion that can help give me the BEST advice on how to handle this ....? before I reply to the letter
  6. P.S I have bought travel cards with my debit card on the oyster - TFL probs know I am the brother who committed the offence
  7. Thanks for the advice guys I have next week friday until I have to reply to the letter, and will post it here so I know its good to go before sending I WILL accept committing the offence and not deny it, as it is asking me to reply on the back of the letter within 10 days This is the first letter I have received regarding the case and it was literally posted a day after I was caught, I Just dunno if I should be completely honest at this point with THIS LETTER of how long I've been using it, I've already lied to the ticket inspector already saying that I used by brothers oyster card for one instance by accident although I've been using it myself for 8 months (like I mentioned in the original post) - I got cold feet I have a feeling they may prosecute me for not being completely honest upfront
  8. Of course there is no magic wond, but this is probably my first ever wrong doing with the law per say, and wanted advice before I do something even more stupid... just advice on what to do.....
  9. Hi there I am a 21 years old male and got caught fare evading on the bus with my brothers oyster card (16+ oyster card) the ticket inspector boarded the bus and asked to see my ticket I had used to board, I showed him it and he told me to show the photo card. Realising it wasn't me he asked why I had it, AT THIS MOMENT I WAS SCARED FOR MY LIFE and told him it belongs to my brother who has autism, and occasionally he boards the bus with me for school so that is why I had it. Although my brother does have autism, he barely uses the card I have used myself for travel FOR 8 MONTHS (which I deeply regret now) what I had told the ticket inspector was a lie and I didn't know any better, after all I get really cold feet when I am put under question and say the wrong things. The letter came today asking to give details and comments regarding the case (which I believe you are all familiar with) - its the first letter you get after you're caught fare evading I realise What I have done is wrong and I absolutely regret this deeply (I've been losing sleep over this) I do not want a criminal conviction or be taken to court as I am 21 yrs old and this is the start of my life - it makes me cry of the thought of that I am just wondering How I should reply to the letter to give details about the case, and what should I mention, should I come clean about how long I have been using it for? Been using it for 8 months, mainly for the bus 3 times a week and a few weekly travel cards for 2 months regards- Morella
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