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  1. Do you think I should write to the senior FOS and state that I did ring up nearly a year ago when I found out I had PPI, and also state it was not sold to me because really its a service (ongoing) not a sale so the 2.8.2 should not apply as its a loop hole, why should I look for something on my statements I did not ask for ? May be stating that this is negligence and purposely added for illegal financial gain. I don't want the original complaint to be barred again because its outside a time limit like 21 days after the FOS last decision. thanks thanks
  2. Hi, ok I will do the letter. I take it MBNA will still stick to the timebar.
  3. Hello dx, the forms did state that I have always turned down any insurance and that I was always in full time employment with full pay even when on sick (staff pay), I also have the forms for this. I honestly in about may last year rung up MBNA after looking at a statement asking what the payment was for and was shocked when the telephone operator said it was payment protection cover, I cant remember the discussion after that as I knew I had this card along time (with a good balance on it) then next time I checked the statement it was changed from payment protection co
  4. As requested here are the responses from MBNA and FOS, I kind of get that it is a while ago but fraud is fraud, intentionally adding a service not asked for I would thought would need repaying. I would have thought that PPI is not a "Sale" , its a service that is on going so why does that fall into the 6 / 3 year slot. thanks for the interest in this case, I was wondering if anyone else had come up against this "timeBar".. Thankyou. FOS Response.PDF MBNA Response.PDF
  5. Ok Here is the update, FOS is still saying that I should have checked my statements and the time bar still stands. Looks like I cant claim any PPI back, so this is a loophole to not pay out PPI.
  6. Hello, I started a PPI claim from MBNA (credit card) PPI was automatically added, The card started about 1995 (I was about 20) still used today. I have been told by the FOS (via a ppi claim company) that MBNA has said a time bar applies to my claim as I received statements and the ppi would have been on them. Well sure it was every one would have who had PPI. I understand this is fair enough and there will be people saying this is my fault but I did not even know I had PPI (hence miss sold) and this was my first credit card when I was young and obviously a lot
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