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  1. Hi, TSB finally got around to sending me statements to show how the debt had occurred (only took 6 months). It seems that I had not changed the details on my paypal account and for about 18 months all my purchases came out of my old account!! I've then basically been hit with 6 or 7 years of charges, up until it hit my original overdraft limit!!! Is there anything I can do ? I feel rather stupid for letting it happen, but also seem quite aggrieved that TSB let this run for 6/7 years without making too much of an attempt to contact me. They have removed the default from my credit file though (back to 999)! well for the time being. I'm not in the position to pay this back, so what are my options? I've never had any credit problems in the past, so I'm pretty clueless.
  2. Unfortunately not ! I've not acknowledged that the debt is mine yet, purely because I really do not have any idea of where it has come from. The fact that they are offering me discounted rates before they've even provided me with proof of the debt, should put in in good stead for a reduced payment if they can show me how it has accrued. I just feel so stupid that I may or may not have let this happen!! I should have just closed the account down. Having the worry of having to pay £4.7k had given me many a sleepless night over the last 3 months.
  3. TSB are saying that the account was last used in Feb 2011. I didn't inform TSB of the change of address as it had completely slipped my mind, but I still had the same phone number. Looking at the dates, from TSB closing the account to Wescot finding my new address, was about 2 weeks. Yet 3 months down the line, I'm none the wiser !!
  4. Back in December 2015 I received a letter from a credit agency (Wescot) stating that they were chasing a TSB debt of £4762. This came as a big surprise to me as I stopped using my TSB account about 6 years ago. I moved all my payments in/direct debits/ etc to a joint bank account (I did not close the account), so have not knowingly used the bank account since. I then moved house, but rather stupidly did not close the account. My only thoughts are that maybe I missed a direct debit, or used an online account that that was linked to that bank account!! I asked for statements to show how this debt had accrued, but as of yet, I've not received anything. I contacted them again on Tuesday and was told that they are chasing them again. Its really frustrating that over 3 months later I'm still none the wiser. Whilst waiting for the statements, I got another letter from Wescot stating that TSB are offering me a significant discount to settle the account!! is this normal? If they prove I had mistakenly used the account, then I'm willing to back all monies owed, but would be looking at getting some/most of the interest payments taken off. The reason I say this is that surely TSB, when doing their annual review of accounts/overdrafts, would have realised that the account was not in use. The reason it has taken so long for them to chase me is that I had a £4.5k overdraft, which they have let run the course until I went over it. When this first came about, I checked my credit score and it was 999. Then a few weeks ago, they put a default on my account. Bye bye perfect credit score. I have asked them to remove this whilst the debt is in dispute, but have yet to hear anything from them. They are saying that they sent a chaser letter on 12/10/15, a final demand letter on the 12/11/2015 and a closure letter on 9th December. Due to me moving address 6 years earlier, I did not get these. Whilst I feel rather stupid for letting this happen, can anyone recommend a good course of action? Thanks, Jason
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