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  1. Ok Sorry Fair enough I did not get any advice last time I thought a new thread might get some advice.
  2. I received this Defence attached below in the Mail today for a small Claims case. Halifax have already agreed in Writing to offer us a Full Refund in email and by letter, But we wanted an option to keep it. We have since had it in writing that the Vehicle was to be scrapped if we accepted this offer. "If you accept the full refund, we entitled to have the vehicle in exchange, however, on this occasion we would be happy for you to dispose of it and provide us with proof it has been destroyed" at first this was original and only offer. "I refer to our pr
  3. Rejected Lloyds Banking group final Offer today, for a Section 75 Claim, as it does not cover all our expenses or the option for Partial refund which is what we asked for and get to keep the Vehicle. They have copies of all the Failed MOT and Repair quotes and Email correspondence with the Dealer we bought the car from. We now putting in a Money Claims online claim. what information should I put in the short statement. ?
  4. Dealer was given the chance to repair and that what we wanted , He even agreed to repair it at first but took the offer back. if its under so many days since you bought it 2 days in my case you can reject it anyway.
  5. Car was bought through LHD Drive Uk Company as part of the Contract we wanted Warranty and Full Inspection of the Vehicle. We agreed to collect the Vehicle from Germany and Bring it back to the UK and Register it Myself to save money .We Had already paid for it when I saw it. and on the Drive Back I noticed Brakes system need replacing and many other issues, Took it for Mot lots of issues popped up. LHD Dealer agreed to Collect and Repair it but took the offer back when he Found out the Cars Location in the UK. Dealer Rejected my Formal Repose and told me the Warranty was not Valid t
  6. When you Say hounding them. what Methods are best Phoning, Email ? At what point do you take it to the Small Claims Court ? The Financial ombudsman is so backed up already and I still have 4 Weeks to Wait. My case with all the evidence I have is pretty Clear cut.
  7. I asked for the Money to Repair the Vehicle to the state that it should of been Sold in and if there had been a Full Inspection carried out on it. . Lloyds Asked for a full Repair Quote and Breakdown of what was Wrong with the Vehicle from Local Garage. #As there is list a mile long. We have not paid for repairs or got the work done Yet .We are waiting for outcome from LLoyds. We want to get it repaired if Possible but It might have to be full Purchase amount refunded.
  8. We Asked for Repair Costs. At the moment the Repair Quote is £3407.55 Prices may increase when the work is Carried Out due to unforeseen breakages According to my Quote. One of many issues is Engine is in need of recondition or replacement and It might Vary. Engine was covered under Warranty.
  9. this is about a Vehicle that needs around 3,500 - 4000 Costs in Repairs or a Full refund. its been over 2 Weeks since I sent the required Extra Information to Claims Team that they asked for . Today I received this email. "I have checked with management and your file is still under review and hope to have a decision to you by next week. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to Is contact us." I Received this email about 6 Days ago "I am sorry to learn of the difficulties that you are experiencing with this merchant. Section 75 of the Consu
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