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  1. Excellent advice so far, thank you so much. I am not willing to provide names at the moment but it is a well known honda breaker in the UK. I will lodge a paypal disput and have the old diff taken off the car. I'm truly gutted about this!
  2. Hello, seeking legal advice please. I own a Honda S2000, the original differential failed so I purchased a spare from a Honda breaker. The spare was described as being "70,000 miles, with no rattles and in working condition". The new differential costed me £150. I had a garage professionally fit the differential for a sum of £372.96 including VAT on the 04.04.2016. Upon installation it was discovered that the "new" differential was suffering from a rattling symptom which is indicative of pion bearing failure. I can have the garage provide their professional opinion if required.
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