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  1. Hi, Short update: I called them again, four hours after they said they'd call me back. The person I wanted to speak to was apparently in a meeting. I called again two hours later. He then said that I'd invalidated the warranty by plugging it in immediately and they wouldn't do anything about it and then he put the phone down on me. It's a mobile number, so I texted to say I was looking for a swap or I would be returning it to the shop for a full refund. No response. I will take it back tomorrow and leave it at their shop and then proceed with a small claim if they don't refund the money.
  2. Oh, just read the link properly. Good stuff, thanks.
  3. Hi BankFodder, Thanks for your response. I would be inclined to start a small claim – will the initial cost and hearing fee be returned to me if I won the case? Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I purchased a second-hand freezer for £40 from a second-hand shop two weeks ago. My father and I loaded it into the back of his car with the help of the shop assistant. We drove it home, unloaded it carefully and plugged it in. I threw some frozen food in there the next day and, a few days later, went to get it out. It was all melted, because the freezer wasn't working. We unplugged it, plugged it back in, fiddled with the dial switch ... Nothing worked. When I went back to the shop to tell them this (they offered a one-month guarantee that it would work), the manager asked
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