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  1. so a claim form is what I'll receive if they decide to involve a small claims court? thanks
  2. ah yeah I thought that might be what they were getting at... so if I just leave them they'll probably leave me alone now?
  3. Hi So I've had a response from Athena and it says: Dear Mr XXXX Thank you for your email in regards to the above parking charge. Unfortunately at this stage we are unable to review your appeal as it is past the 21 day time frame in which you have to appeal. However on this occasion we are happy to accept the reduced charge of £45.00 as full and final settlement. Unfortunately our automated services will only accept the higher rate at this stage. You may want to use our other methods of payment. You can either send a cheque or postal order to Athena ANPR Ltd, Po Box 4758, Ascot,
  4. Hi Thanks for the reply. By original letter I assume you dont mean their original letter to me? Just the email you suggested saying "No contract offered to consider so no possible breach. Any further demands by your company will be treated as harassment". ? On the original 'Civil parking charge notice' the appeals section states that they must be made within 21 days of being served the notice, does that mean that if I appeal now outside of that time if it goes to court my appeal will be seen as invalidated? Thanks
  5. Hi Ericsbrother Thank you for your previous advice on appealing against athena. After getting no response from Lidl I sent the appeal email to athena. Then some time later I received an Overdue reminder and then a Final Demand from athena for the parking charge, pdf's are attached. Upon investigation it seems my appeal email had bounced and I had not noticed at the time. Now that their wording includes reference to Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, and the fact that I've received these further letters, change how I should proceed?
  6. Hi, ok I'll wait for Lidl to respond then.. Was that draft to athena suitable though for if I have to send them an appeal? Cheers
  7. how do I edit the above to remove the details I shouldnt have included ? :s the 'edit post' button on the bottom right has disappeared
  8. Hi Eric, have drafted an email to Athena, do you think it's appropriate and will work? To who it may concern I am the registered keeper of the vehicle with registration number XXXX XXX and as such have received a 'Civil Parking charge Notice' with reference number 000XXXXXX from Athena ANPR ltd which purports to invoice a parking charge as a result of the vehicle being left in the Lidl supermarket car park on Queens Road in Attleborough, Norfolk, on the 24th April 2016 for longer than an allowed duration of stay. I have reviewed the documentation and the signage in place at the
  9. That makes sense then. do you know if any issues could arise if I use email to send the appeal letter rather than paper mail? Cheers
  10. hi thanks for the reply. I'll contact Lidl cheif exec etc. With Athena, is there a specific point for making the appeal compared to just ignoring them if they are going to reject the appeal anyway? thanks
  11. Hi Again I popped back to the store with the NTK and spoke to a Manager who contrary to what I was told last week said he couldnt do anything about just getting the invoice cancelled.... Now over a week since receiving the NTK, should I have appealed by now or something? Thanks
  12. Hi Erics brother Have grabbed some photos of the car park signage: Image 1 shows the car park entrance where there is the sign (shown up close in image 2) on a lamp post. it's quite high up to read from a car and whilst it's on the lampost it's not directly lit. The wording doesnt seem to follow the "Red hand" rule (if that still applies, i.e have they taken every opportunity to advertise the unreasonable level of fining which is in place?) Image 3 shows a more detailed notice, which is by the shop entrance (not directly lit) and on a few other lamp posts ar
  13. thanks to whoever rejigged my Pdf into 1 document and blanked out the details I had missed on the second page! Have read over on kumberly's post some advice about just ignoring them completely as they are likely to ignore any appeals etc, would that apply to me also? Cheers
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