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  1. Have had a phone call, generic email and and more personal email from Zinc now. Just today Ive had both a phone call and an email. I've read through some threads but I'm still unclear as to whether I should respond or ignore. Can anyone help me or point me in the direction of a useful thread?
  2. Thanks. Have had a letter this morning talking about passing my case over to Zinc. Any idea what this is all about? I take I should still ignore? Thank you
  3. They don't give up, do they? Another call today!
  4. Another text from CRS - keep ignoring or is it time to send a letter asking them to stop?
  5. Thanks, slick. I've just this minute had a phonecall with a voicemail. Left a message using a recorded voice.
  6. CRS. Sorry - I thought I'd written that!
  7. Hi slick. Nobody called me, it was a text. I've saved it for future reference.
  8. I'm still ignoring but have had a text now asking me to call them. I obviously won't, but all this talk of CCJs is a bit intimidating. I'm already in a DMP with step change so I don't want any more hassle
  9. *sob* they are back with a letter threatening legal action.
  10. Sorry to take so long to come back to this but just wanted to say that I think it worked!! Haven't heard from them for some time now. So thank you very much for all your advice
  11. Thanks so much. Will get that sorted tomorrow.
  12. No. I read back and realised I hadn't made that very clear - my apologies. All letters are from Harlands 1. Dated 14 dec 2015 -tells me my bank has informed them my direct debit has been cancelled which means they couldn't collect my 'last' instalment due 26 Feb 2016 2. Dated 29th Feb (but not received until 4th March) a letter saying I had not contacted them and informing me of an admin charge. Also informing me that if I wanted to settle by post it shoutout get there no later than 7 th match which would have been tricky as I didn't pick up the letter until I got home at 5:30 that Friday night. 3. Dated 31st match and received today. Another letter adding an admin charge and stating they will have no option but to take further steps to collect the balance of £62.99. Asking me to call them, which I tried to do but couldn't get through. Says I need to contact them by 14th April or my balance will be passed to a debt recovery company
  13. I now (apparently) owe them £62.99.
  14. I have had a letter dated 14th December, a letter rec'd 4 March and a letter rec'd today. Should I still ignore? They're now mentioning debt collection (however, I have read they can't enforce this) I suppose I just want to know whether I should now reply with a formal letter?
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