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  1. Thanks renegadeimp. That's a good idea. I did give them a call earlier, they said they'll create an RMA for it and I can bring it back, they said if it turns out to be faulty then I can have my refund. Hopefully all goes well.
  2. I've not received a reply from them yet, I've emailed them many times in the past which was only about 2 weeks ago and they would reply within 1-2 hours. They can still reply by the end of the day, they could be busy. I'm just concerned because I think tomorrow is going to be the 30th day since I brought the computer home, so after the 30 days are up they might not take it seriously. Is there anything else I should do?
  3. I will make sure that I don't accept anything less than a full refund. I actually collected it so I don't mind taking it back there myself as they're not far from me. Thanks
  4. Thanks unclebulgaria67 and renegadeimp, I have emailed them to say that I am within the 30 days of purchasing the PC and want to reject the PC for a full refund. I should receive a reply by tomorrow so will post back on here if they don't agree to it.
  5. Hello, I would like some advice regarding a faulty PC please. I bought a PC worth 1.5k from Aria which they custom built for me around 28 days ago. Some of the parts were from their stock and some of the parts they had to order from another retailer. I bought the PC and collected it on 23 March 2017 and after 5 days the screen went dead and the monitor was showing a blank screen, I took it back to Aria and it turned out that the graphics card was faulty so they replaced it. Now, today when using the PC some graphical artifacts appeared on the screen and the PC rebooted itself, now it turns on but the monitor only displays a blank screen. I have tried leaving it off for a while and when turning it on it power trips a few times and makes some beeping sounds and the monitor gets a signal but stays blank. I have emailed Aria to say that I am still within my 30 days and I want to reject the PC for a full refund. What are my rights regarding this? Thank you
  6. There was no test drive. It was noticed on the way home but I thought that it was the trip meter which was showing 21k, after getting home and checking it properly it was confirmed that it was the total mileage. Obviously it was confusing at first as we hadn't been informed of the odometer change.
  7. Hello, I understand your point, but that's not what I have a problem with. He should have told me about the odometer change before I bought the car, he can't have just forgotten to tell me. This can be a problem when I want to sell the car, I know it shouldn't, but it can be. I.e it puts potential customers off buying. I really do like the car and would have kept it if it wasn't for this. The other little things he would have fixed anyway.
  8. Hi Conniff. Yes, I went on their website and know what they are now, which can be a good thing I think that this company has been involved. I did make my intentions clear in the letter I sent to them, I told them I am rejecting the car and want a refund. I understand that I can't go back. Thanks for your advice. Hi liverpoolluke, I don't really have a problem with the fact that the odometer has been changed, as I understand that this can happen to any car and is perfectly legal to do this. The only problem I have is that I wasn't informed before buying the car which has put me off it, as I wouldn't have bought it if I had known this. I know I should have checked this but forgot to, like I did some other things. Thanks for the information. I'm just waiting for the reply from them so I can make my next move.
  9. Yeah, I hope it's a good outcome for me. I did stop using it which was the first thing I did. There's two cars in the household so that's not a problem.
  10. Thanks everyone for all your help. I can understand your points, but the fact is that it was wrong for them to keep that information from me, regardless of whether I have a case or not. I sent a letter to the trader, and today I have received a reply from a company called lawgistics who are acting on their behalf. They said they'll contact me again in a couple of days with proper reply after receiving instructions from the trader.
  11. I did inspect it but I was looking to see if other stuff works like electric windows, doors, engine bay, radio, seats etc. It happens, sometimes things are missed.
  12. The receipt says 44,000 mileage. No mention of any odometer change. Ah, Just realised after checking again on the receipt is says '45k' mileage and on the pre-delivery inspection sheet it says 45450 mileage. On the Autotrader description it says 44,000 (I requested this info from Autotrader as the original AD was removed).
  13. I wasn't informed about the speedo change before purchase. After paying for the car and bringing it home I noticed the mileage on the speedo (I forgot to check this when viewing the car). I then rang the trader after bringing the car home to ask him why the mileage is showing as 21k instead of 44k, and that is when he told me about the speedo change, it had been replaced in 2014.
  14. Hello Andy, I have sent the trader a letter about rejecting the car. I am awaiting his response. Good info there, so it seems I may have a chance. I'll look into that link. Thanks a lot for your help
  15. Hello, I need some advice please, I need to know if I have grounds to reject a new used car bought from a trader.. I bought a used car from a trader 4 days ago and this was advertised as having 44,000 mileage. After bringing the car home I noticed that it said 21,000 miles on the odometer. As soon as I noticed this I phoned the trader to ask about this and he said that the odometer had been changed which reset the mileage to zero and this is why it shows 21,000 (I phoned the manufacturer and they confirmed this). There's 5 other things that are wrong with the car which are cosmetic... Boot shelf lug broken, floor mat holder clip missing, cup holder stuck inside dashboard, condensation inside rear lights and front bumper has a space between it and the body. These other things can be fixed, but I am not happy about the odometer showing the incorrect mileage. I would never have bought the car if I had known this. This wasn't mentioned in the advert and it wasn't mentioned by the trader when I went to buy the car. I know I should have checked but sometimes things are missed. Do I have any grounds to reject? Thanks
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